how to plan a family camping trip

How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Trip

Do you love being outside as much as I do? Everyone is busy planning these trips for the “indoors” but I want to spend time outdoors. Let’s talk about how we can plan the perfect outdoor trip!

#1. Make a list of what to pack

Whether you’re camping or just hiking in an awesome spot for the day— you need a list of what to pack. Lists have always helped me know exactly what to pack, especially when bringing the kids. I’m not sure there is anything worse than forgetting an essential whenever you’re trying to plan a trip.

#2. Know where you’re going

Okay, planning the perfect outdoor trip starts with knowing where you’re going. If you plan on showing up at a campground that you know nothing about, you’re in trouble.

#3. Plan the perfect meals

Everyone knows that no meal turns out perfect when you’re outside, but it sure is nice to have a plan. My kids are kind of picky eaters already, so it only makes sense to do a little bit of planning.

#4. Pack comfortable stuff to sleep on

If there is one thing you need to do when it comes to planning the perfect outdoor trip, pack comfortable sleeping gear. You will not survive any camping trip if your family is not comfortable. The more you camp and spend time outdoors the more you’ll get used to being outdoors, but at first, it’s kind of hard.





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One thought on “How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Trip

  1. Totally agree that planning is key. On the otherhand I know that as a mom I tend to overthink packing, planning, what could go wrong etc. But the reality is if you have the essentials and common sense, get out there and do it!

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