Gear up for spring with these 8 items

CBS Fresh Living: 8 Tips to Gear Up for Spring

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Are you ready to end your winter hibernation? We are! To celebrate the first of Spring, we’ve partnered with Aventura Clothing and Liberty Sport to bring our tribe members a fun giveaway.

Here are a few tips to help get you outside:

1. Sunglasses – protect your eyes just like you would your skin. Did you know that the snow reflects 80% of the suns UV rays? We love Liberty Sport sunglasses withShokBlokR that are shatterproof and offer 100% UV protection and 99% polarization efficiency. Polarized lenses help reduce glare.

2. Sunblock – The Spring time sun is strong. Be sure to apply sunscreen to your body and face. One thing that I’ve looked for is a good face sunscreen that will help you from breaking out. I’ve found that adding sunscreen to my daily make-up routine helps me to remember to apply it. We also keep a stick or two of sunblock in the stroller and in my car if we’re heading to the park last minute, it’s great to have on hand.

3. Hat – be sure to wear a had when your gardening our out walking.

4. Hydration is important when you’re spending more time outdoors. We love the hydrofalsk water bottles. We’ve done a number of tests with other water bottles and Hydroflask keeps ice cold longer.

5. Layer clothing – I love the new Aventura Sheridan top. It’s lightweight and a great piece for layering over a t-shirt and can be easily removed as needed. There is also great detail on the back of the shirt that makes it feel more feminine.

6. Hiking Poles – I love the Manfroto trekking poles that have a camera attachment on the top

7. Backpack – We love the Osprey pack

8. Wear your helmet!



Go Adventure Mom Giveaway Giveaway includes:

  • Aventura Sheridan Top
  • Aventura Sun Hat
  • Liberty Sport Switch Arya Sunglasses


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33 thoughts on “CBS Fresh Living: 8 Tips to Gear Up for Spring

  1. I love hiking / walking local areas in the Spring with all the new blooms ans animals. Our Spring is really more of just a pre-summer in Texas, so I wish it was cooler for perfect camping, but can’t complain too much! We do have some beautiful wildflower trails and roads.

  2. One of my very favorite outdoor “activities” in spring is visiting with friends on the lawn while we watch our kids resume long afternoons of outdoor play. Also, spring skiing & getting in a good walk without freezing.

  3. I love to travel and hike. Also get my garden going, but I really love to be out at the ballpark.

  4. We like to go hiking and also spend time with friends at cookouts etc.

  5. I love mountain biking if I can go to a place with some big drop offs in the woods and a few creeks to ride through.

  6. fave outdoor activity would watching my kids playing in the puddles

  7. I absolutely love to garden in the spring and take brisk walks.

  8. the kids and I love to plant flowers and make little fairy gardens

  9. I love going on walks and riding bikes and going on picnics and drives in the country.

  10. My favorite outdoor activity in the spring is gardening. I love cleaning out all the dead stuff to make room for the plants to regrow.

  11. One of my families favorite Spring activity is going a bike rides before it gets way too hot.

  12. Going on hikes in the local parks with family and fishing!

  13. Family walks on a path along the river near our house. I love seeing all the blooming colors of spring.

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