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Tips for Getting More Water into Your Day

Are you trying hard to get more water into your day, but you aren’t sure how? I am all about drinking water, but sometimes the day just gets ahead of us. I wanted to share some tips for getting more water into your day. Check out these tips.

#1. Download an app to help you remember

Every fitness or food app I have ever downloaded has sent me reminders to drink more water every day. Drinking more water is never easy, but downloading the app helps you to remember.

#2. Have an accountability partner

One thing I have noticed is that I drink more water when I have an accountability partner. Having someone on your team to help you remind you to drink more water is always a good thing. You can even bounce ideas off your partner to help you remember more water.

#3. Don’t have other drinks in your house

When you have other types of drinks in your house, it’s hard to want to drink water. I tell myself that when there is only water in the house, I am more liable to drink it. It’s true! When all you see is water and you’re thirsty, you don’t really have a choice.

Your new favorite cup! The Hydro Flask 32 oz Tumbler

#4. Grab a Hydro Flask to get more water into your day

My favorite part of drinking water is my Hydro Flask. Mine is the 32-ounce wide mouth and it makes the perfect tool to help me drink more water. It keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot for 6 hours. You can also fit a lot of water in it as it has a 32-ounce volume. I also love the look of mine, it fits my personality.

When you want to drink more water, check out these tips. Also, pick up your very own Hydro Flask!


Check out our post on why we love Hydro Flask here: Hydro Flask Water Bottle.



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Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver is a work at home mom and wife. She's been married to Ryan for nearly 8 blissful years. She has three adorable and rowdy sons. Benjamin- 6, Isaac- 4, and Josiah-2 and a baby girl on the way! If you would like to contact Jess you can do so by clicking the contact me button on her website www.jessleewrites.com
Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver

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