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Valentine Box Ideas To Make With Kids

I love making Valentine’s Day boxes with my kids. The big thing is trying to find unique things my kids will like making as well. This year, I decided to focus on a rustic theme with the whole Valentine Box thing. How fun will it be for my kids (and yours)? Check out these rustic Valentine box ideas to make with kids.

V-day Heart Pillow

I had this awesome idea to use a rustic looking pillow as a V-day box, instead of a box. Creating a rustic heart pillow, but then adding a little pocket to help store the cards. I simply love this idea so much.

XO Hearts

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the box you make to hold the goodies you get. I came across this Linen XO Hearts craft and it looks perfect for upcoming V-day!

V-Day Crafts You Can Eat

Listen, sometimes you should skip right over the crafty part and go right for the “crafts” you can eat. You can really get to my kids’ heart through their stomachs. Reading these 25 Valentine’s Day treats, some of them look amazing. I think I need to make the Valentine’ hand pies with my kids, they would love them!

DIY Heart Boxes

When I think of the word rustic, I think of unique! I came across these DIY Heart Boxes and I thought they were just amazing. How cute would these be to take into the classroom?  Super adorable and a great idea for any boy or girl this Valentine season.

DIY Candy Boxes

I think these DIY Candy Boxes are rustic, but also modern. Super cute, easy, and a ton of fun for kids to make with you. Even if you don’t feel like making them, you can actually buy them right on Etsy, how fun!

These are just a few ideas that you can use for rustic Valentine Box ideas to make with your kids. My kids aren’t super crafty, but I know that they will love making these. If you have any ideas to share, feel free to leave them in the comment section.



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Jess Weaver
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Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver

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