how to teach children compassion

Easy Ways To Teach Your Children Compassion

Easy Ways To Teach Your Children Compassion

Teaching your children compassion? Isn’t that something they naturally learn? Sadly, no. Compassion is something that is taught and not something they are born with. Keep in mind though, not all is lost. You can spend some time teaching your kids about compassion. Hopefully, you have learned this from the people that raised you.

teach kindness

Teach kindness

Did you know that compassion and kindness go hand in hand? You cannot show your compassion without having kindness. Show your children kindness and teach them how to show others kindness. Every chance you get, be kind. I love the saying “be nice to everyone, you don’t know what kind of battle they are facing.” It’s true! No matter what color, age, or gender—teach your children to be nice.

Speak with respect

It is so hard as an adult to hold your tongue. However, as much as it hurts, it is worth it. Teaching your kids to speak with respect is something that is important. When you only say nice things about people, it will rub off on them. They will learn how to speak with respect, which in return shows love and compassion.

Teach your children the ropes

Showing compassion comes straight from the pipeline. When your children see you showing compassion, they are much more likely to learn. When you are helping a friend out of the kindness of your heart. Giving food to the homeless. Loving instead of hurting. These are all ways to show compassion to others. Keep in mind that your children are always watching you, this will help you so much when you are trying to be kind to others and show them compassion.


Help them understand no one is perfect

Teach your children about compassion, but also help them to see that not everyone is perfect. There are opportunities to show compassion that we all miss. Even if you miss one opportunity for compassion, there will always be another. Don’t use this as an excuse to not show it, but use it as a learning opportunity. There is no sense in beating yourself up over something that cannot be controlled.

Set expectations for your kids

There are a lot of homes around the world full of people who have no expectations. In your house, you can teach compassion, by having expectations. These are good expectations. For example, in our house, we don’t let people go hungry, we expect to give them something. Another would be – when you see a person in need, you help. Don’t just sit back and let someone else help.

Teaching your kids compassion is about so much more than wanting them to feel something. Compassion is something inside our bones that makes us want to feel for someone and help them. How do you plan to show and teach your kids about compassion?

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