dutch oven basics

Dutch Oven Cooking 101

How many of you use a Dutch Oven? I will admit that is it something new to me. Although it may be new, it is awesome. If you’re new to using a Dutch, you may feel as though you are learning to cook all over again. Don’t panic because there are some pretty awesome tips available to help you learn how to use a Dutch oven.
dutch oven basics

Seasoning a Dutch Oven

There are many different ways to season a Dutch oven. Many different ways come from the various cultures that use this type of oven for their cooking. The most basic way to season a Dutch Ove is to make sure you wash and dry it thoroughly. After you have done this, grease it up really good and place it in the oven for at least 300 degrees for one hour. You can go under or over the hour. Yes, there will be smoke coming from your oven and yes it’s okay! Just keep an eye on it and don’t let it burn down your house.

Cleaning a Dutch Oven

Treat your Dutch oven very carefully when it comes to cleaning. Think of it as your baby, you need to be as gentle as possible with it. You don’t want to scrub too hard or use abrasive cleaning products on it. Not to mention, using soap or any other cleaner on it can leave a really gross after taste on the pan, which can transfer over to your food. Gross, huh?

dutch oven basics

Do Nots of Dutch Ovens

No one likes to hear that they should not do something, but sometimes it is necessary. For example, there are several do nots when it comes to using/cooking/cleaning with/a Dutch Oven. Whatever you do, don’t use a utensil that can scratch the surface. Using something like a scouring pad can leave scratches and ruin the Dutch Oven. Also, placing a hot Dutch Oven directly in cold water can be detrimental to it.

Cooking with a Dutch Oven

You can do so much cooking in a Dutch Oven, it’s not funny. From making delicious breakfasts to full out baking pies, there is so much to be made. You can find tons of recipes online for Dutch Ovens, but you can also make up your own yummy recipes.


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