green superfoods even your kids will eat

Delicious Green Superfood Even Your Kids Will Eat!

Raise your hand if you wish feeding kids was super easy. I must admit that my kids (myself included) would prefer to eat pizza most nights. But let’s face it, pizza isn’t going to help us live a long life, at least if it’s not made to be slightly healthier. Here are some tips to help you find delicious superfoods your kids will eat.

what are superfoods?


There isn’t a smoothie in the world that my kids won’t eat. I also love smoothies. It’s super easy to stick in some spinach and call it a day. Spinach is a green superfood that any kids can eat when in a smoothie. Try replacing other things with spinach. For example, instead of putting pasta in your lasagna, try adding spinach.

why should you eat superfoods?


Luckily, broccoli is something that my kids love to eat! I have found that broccoli is best cooked for our family, but your family may just enjoy it raw. Either way, broccoli has a lot of health benefits. You can use it as a side dish or even as a part of the main meal.

Why are superfoods good for me?


Another green superfood that my family is a huge fan of is avocado. These days, you can add avocado to just about anything. Whether you add it to your eggs or put it in your smoothie, you’re adding a bunch of green superfood to your life this way.

what are superfoods for kids


If you love to bake, then you need to get out the zucchini. Over time, people have discovered that zucchini is such an awesome superfood to bake with. You can make brownies and cakes as an added ingredient. Although, zucchini is also great on its own raw or even fried in olive oil.

what superfoods will my kids eat?


Okay, we all know that celery gets a bad rap for mostly being water, However, I have found that a delicious green superfood is celery. It’s the perfect produce item to dip into things, when you don’t want to carb up on bread. Get your kids addicted to celery early, you’ll be surprised at what it’s capable of doing for your family’s health.

why you should be feeding your kids kiwis


In the mood for a green superfood that is more of a fruit? Kiwi is an awesome superfood to get addicted to. It’s great on its own or also in things like fruit salad. Kiwi isn’t available year around, so you need to pay attention to when it’s in season to be able to enjoy it.

What are some delicious green superfoods that you love? I’d love to hear what green superfoods your kids are addicted to.



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Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver

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