Snowflake Bird Feeder Craft

How to make a Snowflake Bird Feeder Craft

We love spending time together making crafts, especially in these colored months. We love watching the birds in our yard from our kitchen table. Today we’ve put together a fun snowflake bird feeder craft that you can create with your kids. We worked on this with our 2 and 5 year old and they both enjoyed making them.

Materials: snowflake1

  • Chenille Stems
  • Diagonal Cutters or Scissors
  • Plain Cheerios or similar cereal
  • Baker’s twine or string for hanging



1. Fold 1 chenille stem in half and cut it at the center with scissors or diagonal cutters. Repeat until you have 3 half pieces of chenille stems. You will need three pieces to create one snowflake. 
2. Lay your three pieces of chenille stem on a table to create a snowflake, overlapping in the center. Cris-cross the ends of chenille stems to secure the center. Once secure, straighten out any stems to create an even snowflake. 

3. Thread cheerios onto each of the stems, leaving about 3/4″ empty at the end. Roll the ends over to prevent the cheerios from falling off. 
4. Cut a 6″ piece of baker’s twine or string and wrap it around the center of the snowflake. Secure it with a knot. Tie a slip knot at the opposite end and hang your bird feeder outside for the birds to enjoy.
snowflake7 art projects for kids
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