Are Healthy Prepared Meals a Myth?

Healthy Prepared Meals seem like an oxymoron – but some companies provide amazing products that are healthy and delicious. Check out our favorites!

Having a healthy meal each night at my house sometimes seems unrealistic. I’m a working mom that has three kids and a husband. Life is crazy in so many ways. However, I made a commitment a long time ago that I needed to give my family healthier meals. Here are some companies that offer healthy prepared meals and they deliver them right to your door. Let’s dig in, shall we?


A company that will deliver healthy meals right to your front door. The meals are delivered in a fridge-like container, so you know they stay super fresh. I love the fact that Freshly is committed to delivering healthy meals right to our front doors. You can view each dish online, so you’re not surprised when you get it in the mail.

Green Chef

If you’re looking for a more organic approach to a healthy prepared meal, then you’ll want to try Green Chef. This is an awesome company because their focus is on organic. You can bet that 95% of the veggies that come from Green Chef are organic. You can count on this healthy prepared meal provider to be sustainable and healthy.


Pete’s Paleo

An interesting take on healthy prepared meals. Pete’s Paleo caters to the Paleo eater. It can be time consuming to create your own meals when you need things prepared a certain way. These healthy prepared meals come in boxes with ice packs and can be delivered across the nation. One cool thing is that if you live in the San Diego area, you can come pick up your box locally. Not having to worry about cooking dinner a few nights a week is a huge plus. Pete’s Paleo is helping families eat healthier.

Purple Carrot

I’m just loving the name of this company because it says Purple Carrot. With a name like that, it has to be healthy, right? In all seriousness, Purple Carrot is dedicated to delivering healthy prepared meals right to your front door. Purple Carrot says that the focus of their meals are vegan, but this is a wise option for any family who wants to eat a bit healthier. The price is kind of high, considering two meals for four people is around $74. But hey, if you can fork over that kind of money, then eating with your healthy fork is going to be a whole lot easier.

So, I guess we answered the question that healthy prepared meals are not a myth. In fact, there are TONS of places that offer this service to the American people. It may take some time to find one of these meal delivery services that you love, but it’s possible.

I’d love to hear if you have had any success with these meal delivery companies. Did they help your family eat healthier?

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