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This year, it’s all about health. I mean, you have said you are going to get into shape before, but this is your year. The key to success this year is to prepare yourself. Working out is something that is mind over matter. When you need to get into shape, finding the right fitness program can be hard. I decided to buckle down and look up the fitness programs that can help you be successful long term! Check out the fitness program tip from the Go Adventure Mom team below.

We live in Utah and it gets very cold. I’ve found myself turning into a hermit and not wanting to even go for walks outside because the air quality is so poor. But I have been working out from home for a half an hour every day. It helps to curb cabin fever.

You need to set yourself up for success and these 10 fitness programs will do just that.

1. Zumba- Many people across the world have found success doing Zumba. Dancing has never looked so good because it’s helping you to get into shape.

2. Yoga – If you’re looking for a slower start, but want to increase your flexibility, go with Yoga. This fitness program allows you to go easy or go hard, a great plan for long term success.

3. Cycling – For those who aren’t in to exercising in front of their television, cycling is awesome. Heading to the gym and getting your biking on can help you be successful. Cycling is very high energy.

4. Beach Body – Many women and men across the world have also found success in Beach Body. There are tons of Beach Body programs to help you become successful long term in the fitness department.


5. CrossFit – This is an intense fitness program that many people have found success with long term. Heavy weight lifting is just the beginning. If you’re looking for sympathy, this is not the fitness program for you.

6. Couch to 5K – Not a runner, but want to run? This program has helped many non-runners become awesome at running.

7. The Walking Site – Not everyone can do a rigorous exercise routine, which is why The Walking Site is perfect for someone who wants to make fitness a part of a long-term routine.

8. Chalene Johnson – Do you want to talk about a hardcore mom that will make you work for your body? Chalene and Turbo Jam are where it’s at when it comes to long term fitness goals.

9. P90X- There is a misconception that only mean do P90X, but this isn’t true. Men and women alike have found long term fitness success with this.

10. Marathon training- If you are already a runner, but looking for some accountability, then try marathon training. Create a marathon training schedule, this will help encourage you to do something long term, fitness wise.

BONUS – Learn more about the science of walking by Jen Reviews.

What is your favorite fitness program? Do you plan on doing any of these for the New Year? I’d love to hear your long term fitness goals and what program you’re using.





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Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver is a work at home mom and wife. She's been married to Ryan for nearly 8 blissful years. She has three adorable and rowdy sons. Benjamin- 6, Isaac- 4, and Josiah-2 and a baby girl on the way! If you would like to contact Jess you can do so by clicking the contact me button on her website www.jessleewrites.com
Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver

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