Passport Changes You Should Know About

If you love to travel, then having the correct passport is crucial. Sometimes passport laws change and you don’t even know about them. Luckily, our team travels a lot and we’re able to stay up to date on passport laws.


Renew Your Passport

If your passport is outdated, what’s with the delay? Get it updated now to avoid any issues down the road. To get into Mexico, Canada, and even the Caribbean, you need a passport. If you have a ten year passport, now is probably the time to get that puppy updated. Did you know that children’s passports are only available for five years? This is also something that you should pay attention to when it comes to knowing about all the current passport changes.

Proper ID for Travel

Did you know that for traveling and thanks to the REAL ID ACT, most identifications aren’t valid anymore? There are security features that are needed in your new ID, but some states have fallen behind in making this happen. All licenses should adhere to this law by 2020.

High Tech

If Passports can be high tech, they will be very soon. Most passports will include data chips that hold your information. This helps to reduce fraud and it will help your passport be lighter. How nice will it be to have more room on your carry-on bag?

When it comes to applying for a passport, you can do it online or in person. It’s vital to pay attention to all of the requirements for a passport. It amazes me how many requirements there are, but it’s best to do it right the first time.

After looking at these new changes, will you need a new passport? Hopefully this post helps someone get on the ball and get their passport up to date. It’s not always on our main agenda!

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