The North Face Explore Fund

Explore with The North Face Grant 

What if there was a grant that helped encourage outdoor activities? The North Face Explore Fund offers $500,000 each year to non-profit organizations. The Explore Fund has given at least 400 grants throughout its time. The Explore Fund reopens every year. Here are some things you should know about The North Face Explore Fund.

National Parks

The North Face Explore Fund is giving special consideration to those who complete their programs in National Parks. National Parks are a huge deal and it’s important we take care of them! The cool thing about this is that applicants can even bring their programs to land and water that are funded by the government.

Every Kid in a Park

Have you heard about the Every Kid in a Park initiative? This means that fourth-grade students and their families can have free access to National Parks (free of charge). If you have a non-profit that works with fourth graders, you get special consideration for The North Face Explore Fund!

Get in Touch

North Face Athletes are getting super involved this year as well. Applicants for The North Face Explore Fund can request that athletes participate in a one-day event. When applying note that you can ask the athletes to participate in a number of ways.

What is a Non-Profit?

If you’re not making money, you’re considered a non-profit. Schools, teachers, may qualify. To help you determine if you may qualify to apply for this fund, I am including who they don’t fund:

  • Organizations without 501(c)(3) status or without a qualified 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor
  • Programs without a significant outdoor component or activities that are not aligned with the activities and interests of The North Face
  • General outdoor day camps or summer camps unless outdoor recreation activities or skill building are core and significant to the overall purpose/mission
  • Research, white papers, and conferences
  • Endowment or capital fund campaigns
  • Advocacy or political campaigns
  • Sustainability or green building projects
  • Land acquisitions, land trusts or conservation easements
  • Scholarships stipends and most salaries
  • Film, video, book or movie projects

You can learn more about The North Face Explore Fund, have fun applying and exploring the outdoors with your non-profit!


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