Top 4 Products That Keep the Germs Away


Healthy Holidays

With the cold weather coming on and December calendars filling up with all sorts of fun, keeping the winter colds and flus away can feel overwhelming.  We’ve put together a round-up of our favorite germ-fighting products to help your family stay healthy and focused on all the best parts of this wonderful time of year.

1. Softy Wet Wipes

The holiday season often comes with lots of lovely holiday visitors and get-togethers! I refuse to let germs spoil the fun. I keep Softy Wet Wipes tucked away in all the high traffic areas of our home so that I can quickly clean and disinfect door handles, banisters and other surfaces. Softies are large and sturdy so it only takes me a few minutes to banish bacteria and we’re ready to party again. Bonus: My home smell citrus fresh after Softy Hygienic Wipes have done their job.

2. Kiss My Face Tea Tree Germsaside Handwash

With a houseful of kiddos with sensitive skin, many of the soaps out there that claim anti-bacterial properties are simply too harsh for their chapped little hands. We use a range of Kiss My Face products for their hygiene but this handwash is by far my favorite because it moisturizes while disinfecting and all with natural ingredients.

3. Bath and Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizers

A few years ago I figured out the trick to getting my kids to use their handibac : adorable holders with clips that hook right onto their backpacks. Now they look forward to new ones in their stocking each year! I’ve tried out several different brands and even read up on the most safe and effective handibacs out there but I also come back to the Bath and Body Works brand because they have a 66% alcohol content which meets the CDC standards but isn’t so high that it will irritate most skin.

4. Method

When it comes to deep cleaning, I’m a bit smitten with Method products. They’re completely non-toxic – safe for pregnant women, babies and even an accidental ingestion. Yet they make my toughest cleaning jobs a breeze and smell amazing! Plus, the Method company is committed to being Earth-friendly in their processes and are always heading up new community or charity projects. So while I’m cleaning I’m also supporting good causes and keeping my family safe from toxic chemicals. So many wins at once!


What are your favorite products for keeping the germs away?


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