Seussical the Musical comes to Sugarhouse


Take your kids to a community play! It’s a great way to help them grow their imaginations, learn social skills and develop a love of the arts. If you happen to live in the Greater Salt Lake area, Highland High School’s November 19 matinee of Seussical the Musical is just the kind of kid-friendly option to consider (2166 S 1700 East, 3 p.m., tickets $7 in advance, $9 at the door).

Pieter Lingen, an experienced fourth grade teacher at Highland Park Elementary school, is a big advocate for involving kids in theater. His ninth-grade daughter will be performing in Seussical. “I think students gain confidence by being on stage in front of an audience,” he said. One of Lingen’s former students is now studying acting in college. “But other kids try it once, smile, have fun with it and then move on to other things, which is also cool,” he said.

If you do decide to attend a play, consider taking a few simple steps that will enhance your child’s theater-going experience.

  1. If possible, familiarize your child with the play in advance.
  2. Select seats close to the stage. (This helps your child feel more engaged.)
  3. During intermission, ask simple questions to help your child process what he or she has seen. (For example. . .  What do you think this play is about? Which character is your favorite? What do you think might happen next?)

Seusical utah


Seussical the Musical

Highland High School (Salt Lake City)

2166 S 1700 East

Saturday, November 19

3 p.m.

(Evening performances will be held at 7 p.m. November 17, 18, 19 and 21.)

Tickets $7 in advance  of $9 at the door (purchase at this link: https://secure2.myschoolfees.com/single_feegroup_store.aspx?sid=125&feegroupid=183)

seussical highland high school

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