Family Travel: Disneyland Deals


Family Travel: Disneyland

Who doesn’t want to take their kids to Disneyland at some point in their lives? I know it has always been a dream of mind to take my kids to Disneyland. We love Disneyland and are planning our next trip! in 2012 we shared our Disneyland review. Right now Getaway Today has some great Disneyland Deals on trips to Disneyland! They also have some great giveaways. Read the article to to the end to get the Disneyland Deal and information on how to enter the giveaways.

You may be wondering why you should take your kids to Disneyland, well—here are a few reasons to persuade you.



Disneyland has got to be one of the most talked about amusement parts of all time. It’s historical, which makes it an awesome place to take our kids. They get to see all of their favorite characters. I’ll admit that my husband and I are also excited about seeing some of ours. I mean, we grew up on Disney characters too, so you better believe some of those characters are our favorites.



I can make memories with my kids anywhere we go, but I am really thrilled to do it in Disneyland. We can go to the park or to the zoo anytime we want, but Disneyland is that one place where memories are magical. You dream of taking your kids there, so it only makes sense that the memories made are that much more magical. I am so excited to make some memories with my kids in Disneyland.


Get Away

I think the best part of Disneyland is that you can get away today. It’s a place that you can go to and escape all of the stress and worry of everyday life. I love spending time with just my family and enjoying each other’s company. I think Disneyland is the perfect way to get away and enjoy each other’s company. It helps that we get to see our favorite Disney characters too.


Get away today has over 30 different giveaways, with over $10,000 in vacation themed prizes. These giveaways are open until Monday, November 14. Head over to Getaway Today”s Facebook Page.

Getaway today also have a $20 off Promo Code (FAM2016) for anyone who books online this week only!

Are you heading to Disneyland this year? I’d love to hear all about your trip!

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