2016 Big Holiday Giveaway



The 2016 Big Holiday Giveaway

Throughout the year we have been busy reviewing the best gear for the outdoors. We start the review process in August at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. From August through October, we review and use over 300 products that are submitted.

Our Holiday Gift Guide features the top products for families on the go. There are so many great product out there, that it’s hard to pick. But each year as we go through this process, I love connecting with new brands and small business that are doing great things.




A BIG THANK YOU to all the sponsors for this giveaway!

Show them some love on social media by thanking them, too! The sponsors listed below have generously donated product to our Go Adventure Mom Tribe. We are so thankful for them and for the partnership we are able to have with them.




Go Adventure Mom has hand picked our favorites and are giving away a product-a-day for the next 26 days. Each prize is valued at $50+ and some are as much as $150 and $299! We’ve got fun gifts for everyone on your list! Opt outside!

We love to save money so we can spent it on things we really need or products that help us to get outdoors. 26 Prizes are up for grabs! Will you be a winner?

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Kathy Dalton
Go Adventure Mom’s found, Kathy Dalton, launched Go Adventure Mom in 2012 in an effort to bring women together that love travel and the outdoors. As a former ski instructor, Kathy has taken her love for outdoor recreation and through the power of social media has created a platform to share her passion with the world. As a mom of three, Kathy loves to share her family adventures in Utah, cross-country skiing up Millcreek Canyon, skiing in the Wasatch Mountains, camping in Grand Teton National Park and camping in the Uintas. Kathy has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Parents and Parenting magazine. Kathy is a regular contributor to Visit Salt Lake and is a tip contributor on TripAdvisor.
Kathy Dalton

117 thoughts on “2016 Big Holiday Giveaway

  1. Such a jam packed issue! The fantastic forts article was unique and creative. My kids would have a blast creating one!

  2. My favorite article was “Two Horrible Words You Need to Stop Using”.

  3. First time visiting your page & I look forward to checking it out more.

  4. Just checked out the magazine and enjoyed the article on Hiking the Monteverde Cloud Forest – with kids :)

  5. I enjoyed the article about Grand Teton NP. We’ve been to the park, but I don’t think we hit any of the spots mentioned by the author- clearly we’ll have to go back so we can see the sights she recommended :)

  6. I enjoyed the article about Grand Teton NP. We’ve visited in the past, but I don’t think we saw any of the sights mentioned by the author- clearly we’ll have to go back so we can see them :)

  7. Almost everything..the cooling vest, all the sneaks, socks, and shades.

  8. I like how Coca-Cola Foundation is helping villagers get a fair price for recycling bottles and providing water. It’s great to know their working with the red cross also.

  9. We will take the stove to our camping trips and family reunions . We are planning on camping more often next summer and fall.

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  11. I liked the article about buzzing away the bugs – Buzz Away Extreme. My family does a lot of camping and spends a lot of time outdoors so this is important to me.

  12. First time reading your magazine loved it, I really like reading “Two horrible words you need to stop using”

  13. I enjoyed reading 3 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Gear. I’m always looking for new and better ways to organize!

  14. I enjoyed reading about Morro Bay CA to Launch NEW Adventure Pass. I have a friend that lives near there.

  15. I really enjoyed reading “Two horrible words you need to stop using.”

  16. I enjoyed reading about Morro Bay CA to Launch NEW Adventure Pass. It sounds fun!

  17. I enjoyed reading about Morro Bay CA to Launch NEW Adventure Pass. It sounds fun! thanks

  18. I really enjoy the wellness part, for someone like me who is not only trying to a better me, this always pulls me closer in..

  19. Thank you for the 11 Simple Truths About Motherhood article!! It was spot on, and it’s so nice to know that other Mom’s feel and are going through the same things I am.

  20. My favorite article in the magazine was “Is barefoot running for me”?.

  21. “Two horrible words you need to stop using” was my favorite article.

  22. My favorite article was “How to reduce your carbon footprint”!

  23. My favorite article is “8 must know tips to respect and protect wildlife”

  24. My favorite article was Two Horrible Words You Need to Stop Using on Your Kids.

  25. I like the article on 5 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone. I don’t like to travel alone, but I’ve had to in the past. Those were good tips about dressing wisely and spending money in moderation.

  26. It would be amazing to win any of these prizes. I would go on an camping adventure with my family and dogs.

  27. I loved the grand canyon article! it’s my favorite place to visit!

  28. My favorite so far is the “Two Horrible Words You Need to Stop Using”.

  29. I liked the article, “Two horrible words that you need to stop using””.

  30. The top 10 cities article was my favorite because Overland Park KS was number 1 and I’m super close to that town! A smaller town close to it. I had no idea I had already picked the best place for my littles!

  31. Barefoot running is my fav, I walk around barefoot all the time

  32. I lvoed the top 10 best cities for families .. need ideas for travel next year…

  33. I enjoyed The USA RV campground list. We camp a lot & this is helpful information.

  34. I liked “Two Horrible Words” it’s something all parents should instill within their child

  35. I love all the recipe articles,especially the 15 Ways to Use Apples in a Recipe

  36. The one about why kids should explore is my favorite i think.

  37. My favorite article was Top 6 reasons to visit Long Beach. We are planning a trip to California next year and this article was very helpful! Thanks!

  38. Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa was my favorite! Oh my goodness what an amazing place to stay. A dream!

  39. My favorite article was “How to Make the Most of Fall!’ I also really liked “How to Make Bottled Apple Pie Filling.”

  40. 2 horrible words to quit using. Some things are done by rote with no forthought at all anymore.

  41. Is barefoot running for me” was really interesting. I run a lot. I need to find a ground trail to jog on and I think that would help me so much. Thanks for all the great information. I’ll have to read some more articles later when I have more time.

  42. i loved the atricle about bareftoot running. i hate shoes, and those “shoeless” shoes….

  43. I enjoyed the review section, especially the review of the Joovy caboose tandem stroller since we are looking for a stroller.

  44. I enjoyed reading “Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone”. Excellent article with good tips. I travel for work and am always concerned about my safety.

  45. My favorite so far is the “Two Horrible Words You Need to Stop Using”.

  46. We like to go fishing just down the road. So we would take it with us and cook out.

  47. I enjoy the road trip/travel tips and an article that I remember is “Two horrible words to stop using with your kids”.

  48. I really enjoyed ” 8 must know tips to respect and protect wildlife “!

  49. I love the gift guide. I read in the fall issue Is Running Barefoot For Me? I’ve not heard of this until now and wanted to see a picture of these minimalist shoes but there wasn’t one. I am about to find a picture though.

  50. I liked them all, but especially enjoyed the one regarding “Two Horrible Words We Need To Stop Using”

  51. Two Horrible Words You Need to Stop Using on Your Kids was my favorite!!!

  52. The “Two Horrible Words” article was very touching. Thank you for the amazing giveaways!

  53. I love the gift guide because I’m always looking for new gift ideas. Thanks!

  54. Audubon Society Announces Five Winners of Its 2015 Photography Awards

  55. My favorite article was the Pumpkin Cookie Recipe..very easy to make recipe!

  56. I’d take my grandson on his first camping trip with his parents to a near by lake is how we ADVENTURE.

  57. The Bike Tour in Tuscany and the Grand Tetons, both places I’d love to see. :)

  58. OIWC Innovation Pitchfest Supporting Women And The Outdoors is a great article! Not only an abundance of information but also inspiration to actively make a difference. Great writing!

  59. I like the article Two Horrible Words You Need To Stop Using On Your Kids.

  60. We would take the stove and our other camp equipment and have a great weekend in the mountains to the South!! My Sweet Pea would love that!!

  61. These are all so good. I really enjoyed the 11 Simple Truths About Motherhood!

  62. We’ve had so many restrictions on campfires during the summer and fall that a good stove is crucial. It keeps us going out.

  63. Two Horrible Words You Need To Stop Using On Your Kids was my favorite.

  64. I really liked the article “Guide to Preparing a Stress Free Trip.”

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