Oofos Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but breast cancer research is an important cause all year long, especially for OOFOS.


In November of 2014, just 2 ½ years into the launch of this new brand of recovery footwear, Duncan Finigan, the head of marketing, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Advanced Breast Cancer. This means it’s a treatable, non-curable, terminal condition and the survival time depends on research and the development and approval of new drugs.

Duncan’s doctor, Eric Winer, is the head of the Oncology Research Department at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, and said that the biggest barrier to treatment solutions for cancer patients is money for research.


The hope is that with enough funding for research, there will be a cure for Advanced Breast Cancer in the foreseeable future.

With Duncan’s diagnosis, the OOFOS team found their philanthropic cause—raising money for the Oncology Research Department at Dana Farber. The OOFOS mission is to “make yOO feel better” and the company wants to do everything they can to make Duncan and all cancer patients feel better, too.

Project Pink

OOFOS developed Project Pink, a series of their revolutionary recovery footwear with a pink OOFOS logo (OO). For every pair of Project Pink shoes sold on oofos.com, OOFOS gives $10 to Dana Farber’s Women’s Oncology Research Department.

True to the OOFOS mission of making people feel better, the owners of the company became so committed to this cause that they set a goal of raising $100,000 for the Oncology Research Department during 2016.  

By selling 10,000 pairs of shoes and raising $100,000, an OOFOS fund will be created at Dana Farber that will continue funding research to help find a cure for Advanced Breast Cancer.

“OOFOS is bigger than our breakthrough, ‘OOmazing’ footwear and OOfoam technology. We are truly a company who cares and wants to make people feel better in everything we do. I want to bring awareness about the true sincerity of our cause as a company,” explains Duncan Finigan.

You can be a catalyst in finding a cure for Advanced Breast Cancer for people all over the world by raising awareness and sales around OOFOS’ Project Pink.  Check out oofos.com to see the variety of popular Project Pink OOFOS styles that are available and feel the OO while supporting an amazing cause.

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