Must Read Fall Go Adventure Magazine

Go Adventure Mom – Fall Go Adventure Magazine 2016 + Giveaway

Goodbye summer – hello autumn!

We can’t help but revel in your crisp air, your crunchy fallen leaves underfoot, your colors, your football games, and your pumpkin flavored everything.

Check out our Fall 2016 Go Adventure Magazine. In this issue, you’ll find inspiration to get outdoors and enjoy one of the most sensual seasons of the year.

You’ll get tips on how to:

  • Manage fatigue and stress
  • Respect and protect wildlife
  • Travel responsibly through ecotourism
  • Trek and give back
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Make our favorite Fall recipes

You’ll also learn about how Coca Cola’s leading in corporate sustainability and responsibility.



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What are your favorite activities during autumn? We’d love to hear from you!

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Mary Edwards
I live with my twin girls and husband at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the summer I like to run, hike, and camp. In the winter I like to snow shoe, cross country ski and cozy up to a stack of novels. My family delights me with their love, humor, and desire to go on outdoor adventures with me from catching butterflies to dipping toes in rivers, to making s'mores up the canyon. I earned a Master of Professional Communication at Westminster College and was marketing manager for the Utah Symphony & Opera Deer Valley Music Festival and Program Director at Brighton Girls Camp. Both opportunities fueled my love for the outdoors.

194 thoughts on “Must Read Fall Go Adventure Magazine

  1. We love camping at our local fl campgrounds, so many to choose from here.

  2. We would use it our car camping trips in Maryland. We camp all over and hot breakfast and coffee on a Coleman stove is great.

  3. I would gather up the gang for a pre-snowfall Snow Mountain Wilderness camp trip. Pack up the pups, load down the food cooler, and get to grillin in style instead of on a fire treated campfire rock! ;)

  4. There are many wonderful camping spots in northern AZ for our family to enjoy, thanks!

  5. We would go camping, which we love to do, but we’d be able to cook our food at our campsite. My kids love camping, and we don’t get to do it enough!

  6. My husband has been gone since May on a deployment and we missed out on lots of family fun this summer and fall, so we would totally take advantage of nice weather (next year) and him being home for some good camping (and food)! :)

  7. My kids and I escape to the outdoors whenever we can.our camp stove broke, so this would be a perfect replacement. We couldn’t go this year due to fire restrictions , but camp stoves are allowed!

  8. My favorite article from the magazine was, “Power through the outdoors – tips from Kevin Jorgeson.” Each section contained valuable information that I will be sure to follow on my next big adventure! :)

  9. My fiance and I have been constantly talking about going camping. (We’ve never done a REAL camping trip together that was not in our backyard) Winning the Coleman Frye camp stove would encourage us to do so! I know a spot by the lake that is calling our name! ^_^

  10. I enjoyed reading Managing Stress and Fatigue… It was a good reminder that I should enjoy the outdoors when I become overwhelmed with stress.

  11. I would be cooking food, making, coffee and hot cocoa at the campsite for my family and friends with that handy stove

  12. Thank you for the giveaway. I enjoyed the magazine. It was the first time that I’ve actually read a magazine online! This publication is something that I’d enjoy reading on a regular basis. I loved the article about “17 outdoor apps”. It provides so many activities that we can do outdoors with the touch of our phone. My favorite article was the “Must know tips to respect and protect wildlife”.

  13. I like the work Coke Cola is doing in Nepal, empowering women, but the country as a whole needs so much, that is only one component.

  14. I really enjoyed managing stress and fatigue. I work in mental health and try to remind people of the benefits of this.

  15. This is so awesome. I liked the apple pie filling recipe a lot and I want to try it and also the 8 tips to protect wildlife which is on page 26.. I love animals and wildlife so this is so important!

  16. We just moved next to some amazing national parks. It would be fun to use while going there.

  17. My favourite article is: “5 Family Friendly Things To Do In The Grand Teton.” It is very informative! :)

  18. You are absolutely right Melanie. There’s still a lot of work to be done. When companies, NGOs and government work together they can accomplish more than just on their own. Thanks for reading.

  19. I liked the article “Tips to Respect Wildlife’; some people mean well but are not sure what you should and should not do.

  20. My boyfriend and I went to Goblin Valley State Park. It would’ve been nice to have this then, but we have more adventures plan and would love to take this stove with us on our next journeys. Camping in the Fall is the best@

  21. The managing stress article is my favorite. I could use that alot

  22. I really enjoyed managing stress and fatigue but also How To Make Bottled Apple Pie Filling!

  23. I enjoyed 5 Family Friendly things to do in the Tetons. Thank you!

  24. Loved the Respecting Wildlife Article..
    And being a wildlife rehaber. It touched on important points like not touching wildlife,and teaching children.

  25. I liked How to create Fantastic Forts! My kids are really into building forts, so this was a good read for me today!

  26. I really enjoyed the article “Tips to respect wildlife”. It had great tips and was good reading!

  27. The Seattle Underground Tour,my sisterinlaw was just there,said it was very interesting!

  28. We would definitely use this up here in Fall RIver State Forest here in MA. Its a well known camping area with plenty of sites to see. I know the family would love to take this with us when we go.

  29. There were several great articles. However, my favorite was the article about managing stress in our lives.

  30. Family Friendly Adventures in the Grand Tetons was my favorite article.

  31. I enjoyed What you need to know about your internet when working from home.

  32. My favorite articles were about the fall activities and about managing stress.

  33. I enjoyed the article about the Sound Asleep Dream series Air Mattress. We are in the market for a new one so it was helpful. Thanks!

  34. The article about the grand tetons is my favorite. We’re thinking of visiting next year.

  35. I wish the magazine had loaded for me. I’d love to read more about the stress management one.

  36. 5 Family Friendly things to do in the Tetons! I will definitely be consulting this list in the future. It’s pathetic that I live only about five hours away from the Tetons, yet have never been. I can’t wait to plan a trip there next summer with my hubby and two daughters & hit all of these activities that were suggested. Will be saving the article for future reference. :o) Thanks!

  37. My favorite article is “The Best Gear for 2016” . I found some great ideas for my Christmas shopping
    Thank You

  38. We will have a picnic at local park if won the Coleman Frye camp stove :)
    Thank You

  39. I liked the article Power through the outdoors climbing tips from Kevin Jorgeson. Great article for hikers here in the North woods.

  40. I want to go to Yellowstone Park with my family and camp nearby. We could use this equipment during our trip.

  41. My favorite article was “Family Friendly Adventures in the Grand Tetons”.

  42. We like to go camping in Northern Michigan, we would use the stove to make some great meals.

  43. I would use his stove when my family and I go camping. Especially all the Boy Scout trips we do.

  44. I really enjoyed ‘Respecting Wildlife’. We live in Arkansas at the foot of the Ozark Mountains, so wildlife abounds in our wooded 13 acres on a lake.

  45. the article on managing stress and fatigue gave me good ideas and inspiration

  46. I liked the Gear Review: Indoor Air Mattress and 5 Family Friendly Things to Do in the Grand Tetons articles best. We are actually looking for a new indoor mattress, so that was really helpful. And I love the Grand Tetons but haven’t taken my son yet, so this is a great guide for figuring out things to do with him.

  47. I like the gear review for an indoor air mattress. With visitors coming this holiday season, I’ve been wondering about a good one.

  48. My favorite was Managing Fatigue & Stress. I like the references and how to help points made.

  49. My favorite article was the Bottled Apple Pie filling, that was a great article.

  50. I LOVED the fall recipes article! I can’t wait to try some of them!

  51. The article on how to make the most out of fall. So many fun activities to do this season!

  52. I wonder if Coke took out the caramel coloring 4Mel that is proven to cause cancer in rats? In the Go Adventure magazine — I like the Respect For Wildlife article. Much needed.

  53. I like the Adventure through the Grand Tetons. I haven’t been there since I was a teenager. Brought back many memories.

  54. I would definitely use this on camp out, and also when the electricity goes out. We are an all electric house, and when the electricity goes out, we have to rely on our BBQ. This camp stove would be much better than our big round BBQ for cooking items.

  55. I love the article on wildlife. I live in a rural mountainous area and I can’t stress how important it is to respect wildlife so you can live safely together.

  56. I liked the bottom apple pie recipe and the apps for the outdoors. I think they would be very neat and handy to have. Would need a good strong network and power bank to keep your phone charged though.

  57. I enjoyed reading “Managing Stress and Fatigue” I definitely need to heed what I read more!

  58. I liked How to create Fantastic Forts, I showed this to my niece shes 7!

  59. I would use it on a family camp out in the Olympic National Park.

  60. I like the article on How To Make Bottled Apple Pie Filling. I love Apple Pie and the recipe is just what I needed.

  61. My favorite is the article titled “Tips to Respect Wildlife”. Such an important aspect in life that people are no longer doing.

  62. The Maryland camping trips are an awesome source of information for us. living in Delaware, most are within a reasonable distance from us.

  63. My favorite article was Family Friendly Adventures in the Grand Tetons. Very pretty.

  64. I liked the article on the Adventure Through the Grand Tetons. I would love to go there.

  65. I liked reading “How to Create Fantastic Forts”! How fun & family-oriented! Love it!

  66. I enjoyed the article 8 Must Know Tips to Respect and Protect Wildlife.

  67. I enjoyed reading “How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint” — good information.

  68. I’d use this during our annual camping trip between Thanksgiving and Christmas in Delta National Forest!

  69. I liked the article on tips for respecting wildlife…great wildlife pics!

  70. Nepal: Trek and Give Back is really interesting! I’ve read so many beautiful things about Nepal!

  71. We love going to Texas state parks and would take it on a camping trip to one! Sounds so fun!

  72. We wold use the stove on our weekend go adventure trips to the local forest preserves…thanks!

  73. I actually have two favorite articles 1) respect/ protect wildlife and 2) How to Build Fantastic Forts

  74. My favorite article is the one about family friendly things to do in the Grand Teton.

  75. I liked every article I clicked on but I will definitely be making the applie pie filling from, “How to make bottled apple pie filling.” Yum!!!! What good timing with Fall hitting hard right now. :)

  76. Pingback: Coleman Frye Camp Stove Centennial Edition Giveaway - Giveaway Promote
  77. Managing Stress and Fatigue was my favorite article I need all the help I can get.

  78. I would love to take my boys to camp on the beach.. they would love that

  79. I enjoyed the article Family Friendly Adventures in the Grand Tetons

  80. I’m intrigued by the Making Apple Cider article,I’ve clipped it to Evernote. Will I ever do it, that’s a 50/50 proposition these days, but I want to!

  81. Managing stress and fatigue is a big help article for me. I have 3 jobs and a family to help everyday. Camping is a great stress reliever and helps to invigorate the senses

  82. I enjoyed the indoor air mattress review. we have a serious air mattress calamity in my family about once a moth, when you have adult kids and live in a smaller space, air mattresses are a lifesaver!

  83. I love the recipes- I wish I could make layered Jell-O that looks as pretty as the one you guys made!!

  84. My favorite article was “How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.” p.22-23

  85. Me and my family love the outdoors if I won the Coleman Frye Camp Stove It would be definitely taken on our camping/fishing trips. We love to go every chance available. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the opportunity and chance to win such a fabulous prize.

  86. how to build fantastic forts looks so fun!!! many great articles thanks for giving it for free!

  87. My favorite article was How to Make the Most of Fall! Great tips & helps remind me of the things I want to enjoy this time of year!

  88. I liked the Family Friendly Adventures in the Grand Tetons article as this will be helpful for our upcoming trip

  89. We would take our kids camping and use the Coleman Frye Camp Stove to feed everyone & enjoy hot coffee!

  90. I really like the Bike Montana article – always wanted to do this!!

  91. If I won the campstove – we’d take a weekend and go to Southern Ohio and camp – so much to do in that area!

  92. Thank you for this awesome givaway!! My favorite article is the 8 Must Know Tips to Respect and Protect Wildlife.

  93. My husband and I would take this awesome Coleman Frye camp stove with us on our many future camping trips with his mom and dad.

  94. i would go to the mountains to camp this would be awesome to have to go with us

  95. One of my favorite articles is 17 Outdoor Apps. I didn’t know about most of these apps and there are a few that I definitely need. Like the Backpacker GPS lite since I get lost easily.

  96. My first thought about an adventure that we would use this stove is canoeing during the summer. We camp on the river a night, much to my objection but I do it and it’s always fun.

  97. I read “How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint “. I liked that it had simple, actionable steps!

  98. Tips to respecting Wildlife! Always a good reminder to be aware of your actions when around mother nature’s creatures!

  99. Grand Teton! I love traveling and hiking/outdoorsy stuff. We just had our son a year ago so we plan on taking him all over the nation to these amazing parks!

  100. I would go camping, of course! We love to get out in the middle of nowhere and spend a few days!

  101. The article Grand Tetons: 5 Family friendly things To Do was my fave.

  102. I really enjoyed the review of the air mattress. It’s something we’re in the market for right now and I never buy anything without reading a stack of reviews from people who have actually used the products! Thanks~!

  103. I like the article “Five Family Friendly Things to Do in the Grand Tetons”.

  104. My favorite article is the Power through the Outdoors. I have started back recently on going camping and taking hikes on some of the trails that are near. I am starting with short hikes and working my way to longer ones. This article has a lot of useful information I can use.

  105. e just moved next to some amazing national parks. It would be fun to use while going there.

  106. My favorite Go Adventure article was 5 Family Friendly Things To Do In The Grand Teton.

  107. If I’m the lucky winner, I would take my husband, and my new Coleman Frye Camp Stove for a romantic camp out to the beach. Thank you for the chance to win Mary.

  108. I really love your magazine and my favorite article was Nepal: Trek and Give Back. I worked for an attorney from Nepal for 12 years. It is a beautiful place. The earthquake destruction was horrible, but things are much better now.

  109. I liked the article on the indoor air mattress. I hate my current one. This one sounded nice except that it’s not for use for camping!!

  110. my favorite article is the family football activities, great read!

  111. We’re leaving in the morning for a 3 day camping trip at one of our favorite Florida State Parks. I like reading about tips on camping with kids.

  112. I enjoyed reading the article of Tips to Respect Wildlife. This really is a good magazine.

  113. Sound Asleep Dream series Air Mattress definitely sounds like a great candidate for my next one!

  114. My favorite was the favorite autumn recipes! I love cooking new recipes!

  115. I love the recipe for multilayer jello one looks great to make thanks for sharing it

  116. We would take this stove when camping, hunting or going to the river for the day.

  117. I like the rainbow jello recipe and the respecting wildlife article.

  118. I loved the Favorite Autumn Recipes. I enjoy cooking and an always looking for new recipes to try that fit different seasons.

  119. I would go adventure with my family with the Coleman Frye Camp Stove when we go camping. Every summer we take several camping trips around the country and always have so much fun sharing stories and food around the camp stove.

  120. Top 10 Places to Camp and Fish in Utah was very informative. I have always wanted to visit there. Now I want to camp and fish there.

  121. One of my favorite articles is National Geographic Kids Ambassador

  122. If I win it, it will come in handy on our next camping trip to the mountains in NC

  123. We would go camping at Big Bear (CA) — they have the best campground there! A new stove would be a great asset to our trips.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

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