5 Family Travel Apps

Five Travel Apps that will Rock your next Road-Trip


Are you embarking on a road-trip adventure sometime soon and looking for ways to keep your sanity and even enjoy those stretches of highway?  With Fall Break on the horizon, my mind is spinning with travel preparations!  Next week we are heading to San Diego and dipping our toes in several National Parks along the way, so I’ve been hunting down all the best apps to help us enjoy the journey:


1. PackPoint

What would it be like to get on the road and realize you haven’t forgotten anything? I’m hoping to find out by handing over the stress of packing to this handy app, PackPoint.

Input your destination, length of stay, planned activities and PackPoint will kick out a comprehensive packing list so you can easily keep track of what’s going in your bags. The lists are fully customizable and can be saved for future trips.


2. Roadtrippers

If you’re dying to see something new but not sure where to begin, check out the variety of fun itineraries here, custom designed with all sorts of adventures in mind.

Travelers can also build their own itinerary on Roadtrippers and have an instant resource for places to eat, sleep or just stretch your legs as well as gas estimates and handy info about points of interest (cost, open/close times, activity options).  There’s even an option to “Share” your travel plans with others you might be traveling with.


3. TuneIn

Time on the road flies by for us when great tunes are on deck. TuneIn connects listeners to over 100,000 unique radio stations from around the world, as well as news, talk, sports and audiobooks. A quick browse in the Podcasts and Children’s Book sections was enough to get me excited  about all this app can offer my family when we travel.

Plus, I love the idea of instantly shifting the music from genre to genre as a way to set the mood in the car – Classic Rock Hits to pump us up, Mellow 70’s to chill us out, Radio Disney when the kids are getting antsy and Sounds of the Symphony when the kids are naughty!  (limited access is free, $7.99 for a premium account)

4. Roadside America

Have you ever wondered what quirky sites you might be passing along the way to your destination? This app keeps travelers in the know as they go – simply put in the state you’re driving through and it will pull up a list of all the wackiest attractions along your route, complete with pictures and insider tips.


5. iExit

Invariably one of my children will announce their need for a bathroom just as we pass the last restroom stop for a hundred miles. I’m looking forward to checking iExit regularly on our road-trip so we don’t get caught with our pants wet.

This app highlights the resources at each interstate exit along your route, giving road warriors the opportunity to plan ahead for pit stops. Furthermore, it advises for other possible needs like alternative fuel, hospitals and local businesses.

Many is the time that we’ve been two hours into a road trip only to realize that we left behind something necessary like medicine or sleeping bags (true story!). I can imagine I’ll be putting iExit to good use for many family adventures to come!


What’s your favorite app for traveling?








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