Finding your tribe


Imagine traveling all the way from Florida to camp for the weekend on the top of a mountain. You don’t know a single person but decide to go anyway. When you get there, you connect with women that are like you, they get you. This is your tribe!  This is what happened to Lindsey at Outessa Summit at Powder Mountain earlier this month. I met Lindsey on a photography hike on capturing the vista. Not knowing a soul, Lindsey wanted to get outdoors and try something different.

Outessa Summit is an outdoor summit for women where there are workshops on mountain biking, climbing, hand-stands. Attendees have the choice to camp or stay in a hotel room.

The vendors tents or yurts are set up like a little village street, where you can pop-in and say hello to people like REI, Prana, Leatherman and Stance Socks. They aren’t there to pitch your product, but rather care deeply about you and what your story is, why you’re at Outessa and what they can do to help.

On the surface

Originally, this post was going to be centered around “Only at Outessa” and some of the funny conversations that we had. Believe me, we had some good ones.


Deeper Meaning

But for me, the thing that stood out about the event was the connections. It was deeper then just laughing over a campfire. It was the ability to make new friends and feel like you’ve always known them. To sit down at a table or bench and there was always room and you were welcomed with a smile. I loved being able to meet fellow outdoor family blogger Jess Curren from Currently Wandering (you’ll want to follow her on Instagram, too!)

There is something powerful that happens when a group of women get together and show their vulnerability. When those guards are lifted we start to share our stories, our pains, our dreams.

My Dream

One of my dreams snce April I’ve been trying to live a more creative life. During a conversation with a friend I made on the photo walking hike, I learned her friend was a professional artist. I watched her paint. As we talked Ann interrupted and gave me a gift. She said holding up my business card, “But you are creative”. It brought tears to my eyes to have a stranger look at me and tell me I was already living a more creative life.

For me, it was a powerful reminder of what women can accomplish when we collaborate and support each other. There is something about sisterhood and belonging that we need more of in this world.

Our Goal

If you’re reading this blog post, my guess is that you are here because you love the outdoors, you love to travel, you are your best self in the outdoors.

Maybe your neighbors or family don’t quiet get you.

Well, I want to let you in on a little secret. We want to bring the spirit of Outessa to you.

Mary and I are working to create a tribe just for you, where there is always room for you. Where you can go on hikes together with friends and connect with others like you. We’ll be unveiling that in the next few weeks, but for now know that we love you and appreciate all you do to support the Go Adventure Mom Site.

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