Go Adventure Mom is Partnering with Coca-Cola and Heading to Nepal #NepalNow #5by20


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Imagine getting a phone call from Coca-Cola telling you that you are headed to Nepal. Visiting Nepal is something I have always wanted to do, so the excitement in me was rich. Coca-Cola has important work going on in Nepal and Go Adventure Mom is headed there first hand. I wanted to share some reasons as to why we are excited about heading to Nepal.

Two years ago Mary Edwards was able to travel to India with Coca-Cola as part of their #5by20 initiative. You can read more about that initiative to empower women here. 

I’ve been busy researching about Nepal as I plan for the trip.



nepal map

Naps is located by Tibet and India and the Himalayan Mountains run through the country. The primary language in Tibet is

The nepal flag is the only national flag that is not rectangle or square. The The blue border symbolizes peace, while red is the color of the rhododendron, Nepal’s official flower. The crescent moon is said to represent the royal house, while the sun represents the Rana family.


Follow along to see what Coca-Cola is up to.

Coca-Cola isn’t just making a fuzzy drink for us all to enjoy, they are involved in real life efforts. Coca-Cola has sent a team of workers to Nepal to help with earthquake efforts. You can learn more about what Coca-Cola is doing to help with Nepal Earthquake relief. It is amazing what is being done to help the people of Nepal rebuild.


Coca-Cola is focused on helping the workers of Nepal, but they are also helping to rebuild. One specific thing they are doing (and we love) is they are helping to build a bathhouse for women in one of the cities in Nepal. As you can imagine, the earthquake has decimated so much and people are rebuilding. Coca-Cola has made sure hygiene is one of the first things that gets put back together as part of the Nepal earthquake relief.

The 5by20 initiative is also something I am excited about. Coca-Cola wants to empower the women of Nepal and they are doing this with 5by20 initiative.  This is where Coca-Cola is working to support 5 million women across Coca-Cola’s initiatives.

nepal map

Coca-Cola also has major recycling efforts happening in Nepal to help with the earthquake relief. There are young women who work in Nepal and are paid a decent wage for recycling those bottles.

Keep in mind that these are just highlights, I can’t wait to share more with you!

Follow along as Go Adventure Mom heads to Nepal. We are so excited about what Coca-Cola is up to in Nepal. I have a feeling that what they are doing is going to change the world in more ways than we can imagine. And guess what? I get a front row seat and so do you! 

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Disclosure: Coca-Cola will provide travel, accommodations, and all expenses when I am in Nepal.


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