Eye Safety Tips for Kids #EyeSafetyMonth

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Eye Safety

Something that doesn’t first come to your mind as you raise kids, oftentimes, is eye safety. However, most activities that kids are involved with can be a risk to their eyes. Playing outside, sports, and everyday activities. Since it is Eye Safety Month, I wanted to share some tips on how you can help your children keep their eyes safe.

Be aware of your surroundings

Teaching kids to be aware of their surroundings is important. Being aware can help reduce any major accidents. For example, if a child is at a farm, running around, they should slow down and heed caution, so they don’t hurt themselves or their eyes.

Use proper head gear

Helmets are one way to help protect your eyes. Your eyes are an important part of the head and brain. Wearing a helmet when riding a bike, skating, or doing any other activity in this manner is important. Some parents may also want to encourage their kids to wear safety goggles if their kids are accident prone.

Wear sunglasses on a regular basis

Most people think that their eyes do not need some sort of protection from the sun. This is far from the truth. Your eyes need protection from the sun, just like your skin does. Wearing sunglasses every-time you’re outside can help keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Know how to carry sharp objects

Every parent has told their child at some point to not run with scissors. There is a reason behind that parental advice. No one wants their child to accidently stab themselves with something sharp. Talk to your kids about eye safety when using items like pencils and scissors.

Check out Liberty Sport

September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month. Keep your kids safe by following the aforementioned tips, but also check out the variety of eye ware Liberty Sport carries.

What are you doing to help keep your children’s eyes safe?


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