Creating Memories with Grandparents

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Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Spending time with grandparents is one of those things that is SUPER important in life. Getting a chance to make memories with grandparents is something kids will remember for a lifetime. In honor of grandparent’s day, this Sunday, I wanted to share how you can help your kids make memories with their grandparents.

Create opportunities: Sometimes you just need to create opportunities for them. This could be a day at the park or a picnic in the backyard, it doesn’t have to be something extravagant. Kids just want to spend time with their grandparents, it is not all about the money.

Have an arts and crafts day: My kids love arts and crafts and it makes the perfect setting for making memories with grandparents. You can set up an actual craft or you can let the grandparents and kiddos cut loose with a variety of craft supplies.

Talk on the phone: Not everyone has the luxury of having grandparents close. Talking on the phone is still a big deal and a great way to make memories. Facetime and Skype help with this! If talking on the phone isn’t always an option, then try writing letters back and forth for the grandparents who do not live close.

Cooking in the kitchen: A favorite around here is cooking in the kitchen with grandparents. My kids love it and the request is often. Grandma has a secret Chocolate Chip Recipe that she helps my kids make in the kitchen. They are certainly the best cookies around.

Playing outside: Another fun activity that helps create memories with grandparents is playing outside. Whether it is a bike ride or a walk around the block, these activities help create unforgettable memories.

Check out Little Partners’s Learning Tower for ways to create more memories with grandkids.

I would love to hear of some ways in which you help your kids create memories with their grandparents on grandparent’s day!

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