How You Can Help Save Wildlife

World Animal Day

Is there anyone else out there that has a big soft spot for animals? Any animal I see, I feel as though I need to take them in. However, that is not always possible. There is one thing we can all do and that is to help save wildlife. Let me give you some ideas for World Animal Day on October 4th! While one person can’t save the world, we can all do something to help save it.

pick up trash

#1. Keep trash picked up.

One thing you can do to help save wildlife is keep trash picked up. Littering does nothing to help the world and only harms the planet. You can help save wildlife and humans by picking up your trash.

how you can help save wildlife

#2. Buy Dawn dish soap.

I know you have seen those adorable animal commercials that really have a sad back story. Dawn Dish Soap actually can help save the lives of wild animals. Have you seen how they use Dawn Dish Soap on ducks to help get the oil off of them? Amazing!


#3. Leave things as you found them.

When you enter the domain of wildlife, make sure you leave things as you found them. It’s a rule of nature when you are spending time out there. Pick up your trash and leave things just as you found them. You wouldn’t like someone entering your home and leaving it trashed, would you? Think about it.

share the earth, stewards of the earth

#4. Realize you are sharing the earth.

I will be the first to admit that humans can be careless when it comes to the earth. We have done what we want with it. When it comes to wildlife and saving them, keep in mind that you are not the only one on this planet. It really does start with humans with the whole “saving the wildlife thing.”

Something else that I will say is that everyone needs to stay informed as well. Keep up to date with wildlife that may be endangered. Volunteer and help when you can!

Don’t forget that October is National Animal Safety & Protection Month.

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