Bainbridge Island Test Drive-Golf Alltrack

Seattle Scenic Byway

Guys, I am super excited because I fulfilled a lifetime dream of going to Bainbridge Island. Seattle is such beautiful city and Bainbridge Island did not disappoint. I was able to partner with VW on the launch of their new Golf Alltrack car that is available for purchase in the middle of October. VW could not have picked a more picturesque location to test drive a car.


First, a little background

Bainbridge Island is in Washington State. It was named as the second-best place to live in the USA in 2005. Kind cool, eh? The history of Bainbridge Island is rich. Founded in 1792 and there are currently around 24,000 people living on the Island.

My driving buddy

Becca Skinner from Bozeman, Montana and I were teamed up. Becca is a beautiful person inside and out. After spending time with her over the weekend, I feel so inspired by her life. She is living my dream as professional photographer. You’ll want to watch for Becca Skinner and follow her Instagram account.

Arriving on Bainbridge Island


VW Golf Alltrack 2017
VW Golf Alltrack 2017

We took the ferry across the lake to Bainbridge Island. It was beautiful to see the Seattle skyline. But boy was it cold on the ferry. Glad I’d brought a warm jacket.

Upon our arrival on the island, it felt a little like the Amazing Race where we got to pick a car. One of us drove while the other navigated. Neither of us had been on a press trip like this one, so we were both learning together.

While in Bainbridge we were able to drive around the island and test drive the  VW Golf Alltrack. Not only did I get to experience the beauty of Bainbridge Island, the Seattle Scenic Byway, but I also get to drive a luxury vehicle.

From the technology to the way she drives, this vehicle is AMAZING. The two things I loved the most about the VW Alltrack car are the safety features and the turbo.

Compared to my mini van, the VW Golf Alltrack is a FUN car to drive. It was so helpful to test it on the road. I’d push the pedal and could feel the turbo pick-up. Let’s be honest, that’s not going to happen at the car dealership with the sales guy in the backseat.

Driving around Bainbridge Island felt a little like a real-life Super Mario Kart. We had three stops along the way and were able to see the entire island.

Our first stop was at the …forest.

Our second stop took us to lunch at

Final stop was at with a little lesson in Pickle ball.

Tell me the coolest place you have ever visited and what you did there? I’d love to hear of your travel adventures.

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