Tips for Hiking the Wilderness

Tips for Hiking the Wilderness

Now that you have your mind set on hiking the wilderness to earn one of the pins (or all of the pins), you’ll want to make sure you follow these tips. We invite you to join us in the 365 Mile Challenge to get one outdoor mile a day!

Safety is always first.

No matter who you are or where you’re going, safety is always first. Make sure you have the proper hiking gear on. Also, a charged cell phone is a good thing to have whenever you’re hiking in the wilderness, you never know when an accident could happen.

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Respect all wildlife and nature.

Before you head out on a hike, you must keep in mind the rules for the wilderness. You don’t want to mess with wildlife and Leave No Trace. The forest should be just as you found it. Take any trash with you and respect the animals that you’ll see along the way!

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Take in the beauty.

Instead of being glued to your smart phone the whole time, take in the beauty. Sure, snap a few photos, but really take in the beauty of the wilderness. This isn’t the kind of beauty you see on an everyday basis, so it’s vital to enjoy every moment of it.


Stay close to your group.

It’s so easy to get lost in the wilderness if you don’t know where you’re going. It’s wise to go hiking with your group and to stay as close as possible. When you’re hiking in an unknown location, you never know what you’ll run into. Follow the signs put forth by the parks and stay close to your group.

Hiking in these wildernesses is something you won’t ever forget. The beauty is worth the hike itself. I love that there are 9 wildernesses to check out. Seems like an awesome way to challenge yourself/group this summer.

We hope you enjoy these hiking tips.

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What tips do you have?


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