Tips for Bird Watching with Kids

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Tips for Bird Watching with Kids

Have you ever considered going bird watching? While this isn’t an activity everyone does in their free time, it is something you should consider doing. What’s even more fun is when you take your children bird watching with you. Check out these tips for bird watching with your children.

#1. Start by looking out the window

Children can begin bird watching by looking out the backdoor. You can start pointing out various birds to them. Put feeders and a birdbath outdoors for your children to watch the birds. Watching through the window allows your child to watch, without scaring the birds.

#2. Start a bird journal

Once you and your child has spent some time looking at the birds through the backdoor or window, start a bird journal. Ask your child to draw what they saw out the window. It’s fun to see what the child came up with in terms of what they saw.

#3. Make bird watching fun and exciting

We can all admit that it takes quite the patience to look outdoors and watch birds. Kids will be fascinated with the idea of bird watching because it’s something new and exciting. As the bird watching continues, their curiosity will grow! They’ll soon start asking questions and their curiosity will grow into a deep love for birds and bird watching.

#4. Take them outdoors

Once your child has mastered bird watching from indoors, take them outdoors. You’ll want to get them a pair of binoculars because no one can watch birds without the right tools. Binoculars also help your child to keep a safe distance away from the birds. Those creatures are smart and they won’t come around as long as they know you’re there.

What are some of your best tips for bird watching with kids?

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