How to Dress When Outdoors

How to Dress When Outdoors

When heading outdoors for a little play, it can be hard to know what to wear. Do you dress in layers? Do you wear as little as possible? Do you go for comfort or for functionality? Many of you know that it’s important to keep all of these things in mind when figuring out how to dress when outdoors. Check out some of my tips!

  • Go lightweight – Unless you’re hiking in the middle of Antarctica, there is no reason to dress in super heavy clothes. When hiking, biking, or just enjoying time outdoors, go with a lightweight choice of clothing. I know you won’t regret this, especially when you get moving and start sweating.
  • No restricted mobility – I’d think that when you are spending time outdoors, you’ll want to be able to move. Mobility is super important when going over tough terrain or just walking on flat ground. When choosing clothing for being outdoors, make sure it is not restricting your mobility.
  • Comfortable shoes – Whatever you do, don’t try to hike in flip flops. Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Again, comfort is super important, which is why I encourage you to wear comfortable shoes when outside. You’d be surprised as to how much comfort your feet need when you’re out enjoying the beautiful sun and all Mother Nature has to offer.
  • Go for stylish – Just because you’re spending time outdoors, it doesn’t mean you cannot be stylish. I think one of the fun parts about being outside is looking good, but staying functional.
  • Go with a great company – I think another secret to dressing when outdoors is to pick an active wear company that you love. Avalanche Wear is that company for me! Avalanche is a company that actually designs and creates active and outerwear.

One of my favorite pieces of clothing from Avalanche is the Men’s Striker Crew (okay, I love how it looks on my husband). This shirt is everything we look for when choosing outerwear. Everything from unrestricted mobility to a lightweight feel. This shirt is unbelievable and something you need when spending time outdoors. I’m also loving all of the colors offered through the Men’s Striker Crew shirt. So, if you like the style, comfort, and functionality, check out Avalanche Wear and see what they have to offer you (or your husband)!

I’d love to hear your tips for when you are dressing for outdoor comfort. I feel like when you’re outside, that is one area you don’t to mess up on (clothing wise). Share your tips with me below!

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