Earn a Wilderness Pin from the USDA

Earn a Unique Wilderness Pin from the USDA Earn a Unique Wilderness Pin from the USDA

Looking for a fun way to get our kids outdoors (that doesn’t involve Pokemon Go)? We’ve found a a fun way for kids to get rewarded for enjoying our trails.

Utah is a great place for exploring. There are so many great trails that are family friendly hikes.

There aren’t many things that kids can do for free anymore that helps them feel pride for what they did. I’m so excited to introduce you to how they can earn a unique wilderness pin. When you visit any of the following 9 wildernesses in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forests, you can earn one of these pins.

  • Deseret Peak Wilderness
  • High Unitas Wilderness
  • Lone Peak Wilderness
  • Mount Nebo Wilderness
  • Mount Olympus Wilderness
  • Mount Timpanogos Wilderness
  • Twin Peaks Wilderness
  • Wellsville Mountains

How to Earn the Wilderness Pin

You can actually earn this wilderness pin by planning a hike in any of these wildernesses. You can actually earn a pin for each wilderness you successfully hike. Make sure you follow the rules/regulations listed here. There is actually a pretty steady list of things you need to do to earn the pin! Pay attention to the details! Here is a list of the rules and steps to follow.

What are your favorite hikes in Utah?

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