Check out our top picks for the gear awards and a sneak peek for 2017 Best Gear


The Best Gear Awards 

This past week we attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Salt Lake City and got a sneak peek of new products for the Spring 2017 Season.

Over 1,500 exhibitors share their latest and greatest products. While we love getting an insider preview to new products, my favorite part of the Outdoor Retailer Show is connecting with humans in real life, sharing in their passion and learning more about the industry.

These are some of our top picks for family friendly outdoor gear that are either Family Friendly, Innovators, Green and Sneak Peek into 2017.



Things we consider for family friend products are: price point, safety and durability. It’s especially important for us to have products that will last for more than one child using it.

  1. IGLOO backpack and haulers.
  2. VULY Safe trampoline.
  3. CATALYST – iPad and iphone holders.
  4. THERMACELL – mosquito repellent solutions that you don’t have to spray.
  5. SWURFER – surfboard swing.
  6. CAMP CHEF – kitchen set and 3 burner cooker
  7. PAK TOWEL – Luxe towel, perfect for swimming lessons or a day at the pool. Great to keep a spare in the car for emergencies.
  8. ECASE – perfect for after swimming to put all wet clothes in the bag.
  9. THERMAREST CAMP – Thermarest launched a camping line with hammocks, family sized tent, perfect for all your outdoor adventures.
  10. TRAVELER GUITAR – nothing says camping like singing around the campfire. The Traveler Guitar allows you to bring your guitar but saves space.


  1. BIVY SACK – get the latest and greatest gear right at your doorstep.
  2. KEEN UNIK– Paracord sandals
  3. ICEBUG – Bugweb tracks keeps your shoes gripped to the ground.
  4. Wolverine – Arctic grip technology
  5. Krimson Klover – hand painted clothing



  1. FJALLRAVEN – recycled backpack
  2. Eno Hammocks – made from recycled water bottles
  3. MAFIA BAGS – reused kite sails
  4. Cascade Cookware – upgrade your chemical ridden camp cookware with a non-teflon/non-stick alternative
  5. Puffy Patch – fix it up, don’t’ throw it out


  1. SPERRY – 7 SEAS shoe to launch March 9
  2. CHAOS –  adding beach bags to the stylish hat line up
  3. Keen – Incanto
  4. Yax Trax – Boa system
  5. Superfeet – “Outside” sandales
  6. Helly Hensen – Rose gold Hetta and Loki ( these are beautiful!)
  7. Optic Nerve – Flip off


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