Using this gadget helps me suffer less from “mom brain”

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I used to have a pretty sharp memory. I could recall specific dates, times, events and almost never forgot anything important. I excelled in all of my history courses in school for this reason alone and used to be pretty proud of myself for my attention to detail. Then I became a mother and my memory suffered. I found myself forgetting important details, where I put things and even, on more than one occasion, tried to put my laundry in the oven to dry. From stories told my friends and relatives I expected my memory to suffer gaps but what I didn’t expect was my memory to steadily get worse with every pregnancy.

These days I can laugh about my blunders but there are days when I misplace anything and everything; my frustration levels on these days can get pretty high. One thing that I always seem to misplace since becoming a mom has been my keys. I can’t tell you how often I’m setting them down, thinking I’m putting them someplace safe, and then when I go back to look for them I can’t remember where that safe place was. I’ve often found myself wishing for an easier way to locating my missing keys rather than wandering from room to room in a desperate attempt to find them. Unfortunately, until recently, I’ve spent the last few years wishing in vain. It wasn’t until I was given the opportunity to review the iHere 3.0 that my wishes were actually granted.

The iHere is the first rechargeable item finder available on the market today. Each individual charge allows you to power your device for several weeks at a time so you never have to worry about the battery dying when you need your lost item the most. It’s designed primarily to help you locate your lost item, in my case it would be my keys which I lose more often than any other item but also doubles as a device that allows you to take the perfect selfie when you need it the most. It allows you to control your phone’s camera and take the perfect selfie or group photo without all the fuss and frustration that comes with trying to capture the perfect photo.

The creators of iHere have made finding lost items easier than ever, without having to wander from place to place. If you’re in a hurry or running late you can track your lost item with just one click. The iHere app can track any iHere signal from up to a 75-foot radius.

To learn more about the iHere and to stay up to date with the latest news you can visit their creator Nonda on Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Youtube.

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