Travel Trend: Food Tourism

Food Tourism
The Future of Food Tourism

You may be turning your neck trying to understand what Food Tourism is. Let me explain what Food Tourism is and how there is a future in it. To many people, it sounds like tourists who are eating while traveling, but this isn’t the case. Food Tourism is so much more! Let me break it down for you.

Impact on the Environment

Wait, Food Tourism is having an impact on the environment? YES! Food Tourism, when broken down, the definition for this is simply that people travel for the reason of exploring food. Also known as food tourists, these guys are attracted to the uniqueness of their destination. Each place they visit offers different produce, culture, and identity. Which means that the cuisine is ALL different, making it worth the travel and experience.

Importation of Food

Because the food tourism world is changing, you may be surprised to know that providers of this magical food are paying to ship raw ingredients to themselves. These ingredients travel thousands of miles, sometimes. Hard to believe, right? This is all because they know there are people out there who are looking for the perfect plate and willing to pay the price for it. Although food tourism is quite popular, the importation of food is leaving a heavy carbon footprint on the environment and threatening the very existence of food tourism.

Food Waste

O no! I’m sad we have to talk about this aspect of Food Tourism, but food waste is a big issue when it comes to food tourism. Because of presentation purposes, food is often wasted. Perfectly good food that simply may not look 100% perfect is wasted on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, though, there are also chefs/restaurants that source only local food and go above and beyond to not waste it. Each person that is in the food industry should take into account the waste that they’re creating. Is it worth it?

Unknown Future

The truth about Food Tourism is that it is still very popular, but it is changing. National resources are a huge concern in the food tourism world. The question is, can chefs, restaurants, and farmers even keep up with the demand?

This post is to wet your whistle on the idea of food tourism and where it is headed. Ali Al-Naama studied Business in International Tourism Management and found tourism vastly different from what people presume the industry is. During his undergraduate career, he worked in an emerging hospitality company in Qatar, which gave further in-depth experience in hospitality. After graduation, he began working in business development for a company that develops special economic zones. He is now beginning his post-graduate education in Tourism Administration at The George Washington University.

For more information, connect with Al-Naama on his website, or through TwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.

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