Simple Photo Backup and Storage

As a parent, you probably take a “million” pictures a day of your children. You take pictures of their daily lives, of vacations, and of special events.
Isn’t it crazy to think that in a blink of an eye all those precious moments could be gone? Computers and devices fail us on a daily basis, which is why it’s important to have proper photography backup. Check out some of the best tools and apps for storing our photos.
Apple Cloud
If you have any type of Apple product, then it’s important to back your photos into Apple Cloud. This is actually a product you pay for on a monthly basis, but it’s totally worth it. The prices start as low as 99 cents, but for that low price, you can keep your peace of mind.
Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon has everything you need to keep your photos backed up! I love using Amazon Cloud Drive and it’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t have an Apple device.
External Storage
Looking for a place to store a ton of photos? An external hard drive may be the way to go. Typically an external storage doesn’t attach to your computer. It’s easy to transfer data from your computer or device to an external storage unit.
Google Photo
There is an app you can download on your Android that backs up the photos on your phone. Since most people use a smart phone to take pictures these days, it’s a smart alternative. You get up to 15 free GB of storage to share across all your Google apps, so use that space up! This is the best option I’ve found.
Finding something to back up your photos should not wait. I hope you’ll take my suggestions and find photography back up that works for you and your photography needs.

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