Pokemon Go Nature Walk

Pokemon Go Nature Walk: Making Digital And Real Life Discoveries Together

Getting out and about in Nature is a wonderful added bonus attracting thousands of people today with the popularity of the new Pokemon Go app by Niantic. Depending on the location you live in, or where you decide to hike/bike to for your Pokemon Go adventure, there are literally no limits to the types of real life observations and experiences you can encounter about animals, plants, flowers, trees, bodies of water, or other items you can stumble upon with the, “Nature all around us”, as you enjoy adventuring in Pokemon Go with your companion, or child accompanying you on an exciting Pokemon Go Nature Walk.

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Pack Safety And Explorer Items

Let’s prep for the journey with a few important items or things that may create a truly “explorer” feel to the journey. You’ll want to pack safety items such as water bottles for hydration, sunscreen, bug repellant, first aid items such as bandaids and antibiotic cream, and sunglasses or a hat to shade your eyes from the sun. You could also bring along a pair of binoculars, a magnifying glass, a bird watching/identification mini book, and even a good camera (besides your cell phone using the Pokemon Go app). Having some of these tools can help your journey seem even closer to Nature than ever.

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Track A Pokemon Nearby

Map your route and begin your Pokemon Go Nature Walk by checking your “Nearby” Pokemon list in the bottom right pop up screen. See what the app shows as potential Pokemon in your local vicinity. Have fun clicking on the one you would like to see the most, and it will put a circle around that Pokemon and allow you to “track” it! It will now show that Pokemon in the bottom right corner shrunken mini screen and the amount of footsteps it shows determines how close it is to you. Once it shows no footsteps, then spin your map on the app and look around you and you should soon feel a buzz on the app stating that Pokemon is right next to you! Click on the Pokemon on the app and engage in trying to capture that wild Pokemon.

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Capturing Pokemon And Using Razz Berries

In order to capture the Pokemon, you have to place your finger on the Pokeball and swipe upwards as straight as you can to aim at landing right on the Pokemon. Sometimes the Pokeballs will curve to the right or the left, or the Pokemon may be really untamed and attempt to bat it away from them so you have a harder time capturing it. If this is the case, try going into the “bag” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and choose a Razz Berry to feed to the Pokemon. Click on the Razz Berry so the Pokemon eats it and a little heart will appear with some swirling and twinkling lights. Try to catch the Pokemon with your Pokeball now and hopefully it will go in the Pokeball more willingly.

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Photographing Pokemon

If you don’t wish to focus on capturing the Pokemon, but simply wish to snap pictures and document your Pokemon Go Nature Walk and add new wild Pokemon to your Pokedex, you can click on the camera icon in the right side of the screen or take a screenshot with your device to enjoy capturing all sorts of fun photos with the wild Pokemon in the shot. Get creative and have someone in the picture next to the Pokemon or ask them to get a shot of you in the picture with the Pokemon too!

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Be sure to make use of your bird watcher’s guide, binoculars, magnifying glass and journal. You could take notes in your journal of the other types of real life animals, birds, insects, or other wildlife you encounter during your Pokemon Go Nature Walk. Let kids accompanying you have fun documenting animal tracks they find and trying to guess what type of animal made the tracks. Stop and let them draw any butterflies, insects, birds, and animals they see, or even a particularly notable tree or flower. Keep all these drawings, or notes in a scrapbook called Pokemon Go Nature Walk and print out some of the pictures you took with the wild Pokemon to insert in the scrapbook too. Be creative and enjoy many more Pokemon Go Nature Walks to come.

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