What You Can Do to Help with Utah’s Air Quality

utah Utah’s Air Quality

It’s no secret that when you walk outside in Utah, you want to be able to breath. Am I right? Feeling stuffed up and like you cannot breathe is never a good thing. It’s time that we all stood together and actually did something about helping with Utah’s Air Quality. Here’s where we can all begin-

Stop driving as much

Do you really want to help with the air quality in Utah? Stop driving so much! The more you drive, the more you’re polluting our precious state. Walk, take the bus, take the train—do something that doesn’t involved individually driving in your vehicle to go somewhere.

Squeeze your errands into one trip

I have to admit that I’m not the first one to think about consolidating my errands. However, in an effort to help with Utah’s air quality, this is something I’m working on. If I’m on one side of town, I make an effort to run all of my errands on that side of town. It only makes sense to squeeze my errands into one trip, if I can—and the same goes for you.

Help to conserve energy

You can also help in the effort to reduce bad air quality by conserving energy. When it comes down to it, every family in America can turn off things to help conserve energy. If you’re not using it, turn it off. Go a step further and unplug something you’re not using. Sure, it takes a little extra work, but think of how much you’re helping the environment.

Use energy efficient appliances

This one may take a little more work to switch over, but it’s totally worth it. Buying energy efficient appliances can tremendously help the air quality in Utah. Using less energy=less pollution for our state. Even if you only have one energy efficient appliance in your home, think of the pollution you’re avoiding. Everyone has to start somewhere, even if it’s a small step.

Use less of everything

I have said this before, but using less can really help the air pollution and quality in Utah. Supply and demand means that companies will work even harder to produce those items that are harming our environment. If everyone would just “use less”—maybe those companies would get the hint and try to pollute a little less too. Less bottled water, less packaging, and so on!

Plant a tree

What if the people of our state did something about the air quality? Sure, there are small things you can do, which are very helpful. However, what about something BIG you can do. What about planting a tree? What about picking up trash? These may seem like something small, but they are HUGE in preventing pollution and helping to increase air quality in Utah.

Remember that all of these small steps can help reduce pollution and improve the air quality in Utah. Not only do these steps benefit the state of Utah, they benefit you. Most of these tips help you to save money in some way shape or form. What would you add to this list to help reduce the bad air quality in Utah? Share your tips below!

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