Basic Bike Safety Tips for Everyone

  disclaimer kids sunglasses for biking

Helmet Spex by Liberty Sport — Bike Safety For Everyone

kids sunglasses for biking

Tis the season for everyone to start riding bicycles. While it’s a great time to be out and about, it’s actually a scary time for cyclists. It’s time to take safety back. Check out these bike safety tips for everyone.

Look both ways before crossing.

Always look both ways before crossing. Since most cars should look both ways before crossing, so should those who are riding on a bike or. Cars, bike riders and pedestrians can come out of nowhere. Let’s help each other out.

Wear proper head gear.

You should NEVER leave home without a helmet whether you’re riding a bicycle. Wearing a helmet should always be #1 on your list when it comes to riding anything. When wearing a helmet, make sure it is properly fitted and pulled down over the forehead correctly.

Wear the proper eye gear. kids sunglasses for biking

kids sunglasses for biking

Something else that I would highly recommend when riding a bike is wearing proper eye gear. Check out Helmet Spex. These are the ultimate glasses for those who cycle and for kids who play other sports.

They are designed to help protect the eyes.

The adjustable goggle strap makes sure they are nice and tight and helps to keep the goggle in place.

Some of the other features that rock include soft rubber end pieces that mold to the face that offer additional cushioning, a new adjustable goggle strap that contours over the ears, and venting in the eye-rim for increase airflow.  

Whether you’re riding a bike, a motorcycle, a car, or playing a sport—be careful out there this summer. We want everyone to stay safe, but to also have a fun summer.


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