Fun Ways to Celebrate Summer with Angry Birds

How to Celebrate the New Angry Bird Movie Release

It’s hard to believe that the New Angry Bird movie is coming out in just a few short weeks. To say that we are fans around here is an understatement. My family loves this movie so much that we are looking for ways to celebrate. Check out some of these ways we have brainstormed to ring in the new Angry Bird’s Movie.

angry birds movie angry birds movie

National Geographic Angry Birds

This book is adorable and the perfect way to celebrate the new Angry Birds Movie. Have you always wanted to meet real life angry birds? Now you can with these 50 true stories of fed up, feathered, and furious. The National Geographic Angry Birds book has great graphics and you will love reading it with your kids.

angry birds movie

Head to McDonalds

Just like any other awesome movie that comes out, you can believe that McDonalds will be behind it. McDonalds plans to have some awesome toys to showcase as well. My son is super excited about this because he’s a toy kid and will LOVE getting his hands on all of the toys that McDonalds offers for the new Angry Bird movie.

Have an Angry Birds’ Party

I have been looking around and there is a lot of fun stuff in relation to Angry Birds. I bet if you wanted to throw an Angry Birds Party, you would have no trouble. Pick up a few different party favors and start planning your favorite party!

Does your family love Angry Birds? Let me know how you’ll be ringing in the new movie.

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