Thermarest Pillow & Blanket Review

When it comes to sleep, my family doesn’t mess around. Whether we’re camping or just trying to stay comfortable we only want the best. Check out some of the ways my family stays comfortable throughout the summer while enjoying the outdoors!

Thermarest Summer Blanket

Auriga Down helps make sleeping restful. Sleek design, warmth, and comfort make this the ultimate sleeping bag. My whole family loves this summer blanket and it’s the perfect addition to any family! Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just want to be comfortable this is where it’s at.

Thermarest Compressible Pillow

What? We loved their summer blanket so much, we had to try their pillow too. And no worries because it is equally a-m-a-z-i-n-g. The compressible pillow is perfect for camping, traveling, or whatever else you need it for. Pillows are an important part of being comfortable and this pillow meets all of our standards.

What else do we love to take outdoors with us to stay comfy?

Snacks! We never leave home without our snacks. We try to stick to items that are as healthy as possible to keep us going during our camping trips.

The Right Shoes! We can’t leave home without a pair of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. It’s important for our feet to stay as comfortable as possible too!

Water Bottle! When it comes to camping, we need our water bottles to help us stay hydrated!


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