Sunscreen Tips for Kids by Kids

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Tips for Getting Kids to Wear Sunscreen

I have never had luck with getting my kids to let me put sunscreen on them. As they get older, it’s getting better. However, I have started to get a little more creative with getting my littlest to wear sunscreen. Here are some things we have tried and that have worked.

#1. Let them put it on themselves.

As long as they don’t eat the sunscreen, having your child put it on themselves can be sort of freeing for them. Toddlers and younger kids love to do things themselves, so it only makes sense to let them put it on sunscreen by themselves. (With your supervision of course).

#2. Walk your kid through it.

When it comes down to it, sometimes your kid just needs to know what you’re doing. Walking your kid through it is one of the best ways to getting them to wear sunscreen. Explain to them what it is and how it helps their skin.

#3. Let the kids put it on each other.

Another way to get kids to wear sunscreen is to let them put it on each other. Kids love this! Almost like a sunscreen fight. Just tell them to be gentle and to do it as if they are painting each other. They will love it.

Still need more ideas? Check out ThinkSport and all of the options they have when it comes to sunscreen. You can also check out this cute video, you can watch as little people explain the importance of wearing sunscreen each and every day. Watch the video here.


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  1. My favorite outdoor activity is go to our local park or Nature Center & walk the trails!

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