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When I heard the news that spring would be coming early this year, I was ecstatic. For months our home state had been home to brutally cold weather and mountains of snow. My family and I enjoyed the cold weather at first and were grateful for a respite from the sweltering heat but after months of being restricted due to the cold and snow, we all got a little sick of it. We couldn’t wait until spring was back in our neck of the woods and started making plans for all of the fun things that we wanted to do when the weather warmed up enough to venture outside without worrying about the snow.

I know I mentioned a few ideas on what we planned to do in previous posts (parks, amusement parks, etc.) but now that the weather has warmed up I recently decided that I would love to have a backyard BBQ with my family. It seems like it’s been so long since my family was able to gather around outside and have a nice meal cooked to perfection on the grill. It’s unfortunate that it’s been so long since grilling is one of my families favorite things to do for dinner when the weather is nice enough for it. Burgers, chicken, smoked sausages and grilled vegetables are just a few things that we like to throw on the grill when its been fired up however there is just one part of grilling that I’m none to fond of and that’s lighting it up.

Neither myself nor my husband claim to be experts at lighting a grill but we’ve always managed to get it going. There are often times when we can’t locate our grill lighter and that is probably the hardest thing we deal with when grilling. We’ve tried keeping matches around and little lighters but with little ones in the house we’ve both agreed that there had to be an alternative way to light the grill that would minimize the threat of one of the kids getting a hold of them. Obviously we couldn’t not keep such things in the house because we had to be able to light the grill, so, we started looking for an alternative method to lighting the grill that would make it easier on us and harder for the little ones to get their hands on.

While we agreed that it we’d just have to get a little more creative with where we stored our grill starter, we were also very pleased to get the opportunity to partner with HomeRight to review one of their ElectroLight Fire Starters. The ElectroLight Fire Starter has been a great option for lighting our grill. We could finally throw out the matches and lighters and be able to start the grill with no problem.
151009 ElectroLight Grill App 100_0

The ElectroLight Fire Starter allows you to light your grill easily, no matter what kind you have or what material you’re using as fodder aka charcoal, gas or wood chips. You can even light your fireplace or fire pit, no problem and it only takes 2-3 minutes! The ElectroLight Fire Starter uses a high temperature of 1300 degrees Fahrenheit air to ignite, then fan the flames with its built in blower. You can say goodbye to lighter fluid or other starter chemicals

That problem we mentioned earlier, about keeping our matches and lighters away from the kids? Well, the ElectroLight Fire Starter solved that problem for us too. It actually has a built in red trigger starter as a built in safety feature. This feature ensures that the trigger must be decompressed to hold the temperature so it makes it hard for curious hands to start.

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