Beat the heat

This summer is a dozy. Record-setting heat all over the country yet we are still managing to get outdoors. We have to be a little more selective in our activities and the time of day we are outdoors but the kids generally enjoy themselves. If we want to go to the park or on a hike we go first thing in the morning. I don’t know what it is like for you all, but it doesn’t cool off around here until after the sun has gone down. So we don’t enjoy being out in the evenings much either except if we are swimming or playing in the water. Mornings are just all around best for us.

Here are some of my favorite activities that are helping us enjoy the outdoors even when it is very hot.

Water Activities – Pretty basic but there are so many ways to kick it up a notch. Make sponge bombs or a PVC pipe sprinkler. Don’t have a hose? No worries; there are still plenty of activities that don’t require one. Water painting is a fun example of a water activity that doesn’t require a hose. My kids eventually painted each other.  water-painting

Have A Beach Day – It doesn’t have to be in the ocean, any lake or river will do and the possibilities are endless. I love these ideas for exploring a pond from Buggy and Buddy. There are plenty of games that don’t require extra equipment that will make any time at the beach more fun. beach

Night Games – After dark is one of the coolest parts of the day so take advantage and get outdoors. I love traditional night games but if you want to try something new like attracting fireflies, play games using glow sticks, or become a nighttime explorer.

Play In The Rain – We do this a lot. The kids love it and it is completely free. In the summer it is warm enough the we don’t need rain boots, we just play in our sandals. Mother Natured put together an awesome list of ways to play in the rain. My kids’ favorite is just splashing in puddles.  puddles

Make a Mud Kitchen – I think these are so darn cute and a great way to encourage your kids’ creativity. They can be as simple or elaborate as you want. The basics are creating a play kitchen outdoors then giving the kids mud. 1001 Gardens has rounded up some wonderful ideas. I created a portable mud kitchen by gathering old kitchen stuff and loading them into a tub. We can take the kitchen to the mud.  mud-kitchen

Your turn. What are your favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors in the summer?




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