Airstream: America’s World Traveler Book Review



Ever since I can remember I’ve been a lover of travel. There’s something so alluring about packing up an overnight bag or suitcase, tossing it into the backseat and heading off on an adventure. Of course, now that I’m well into my adult years and have a family to tend to, traveling doesn’t come so easily as it used to when I was single and child free. Not that I mind it of course, it just takes more planning if we decide that there’s a trip we just have to take. Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, traveling for the day or for several, the sense of adventure that comes with hitting the open road never truly fades. It always feels like it’s the first time, at least for me.

My fellow travelers know that there’s more than one way to travel. Some might prefer to do the driving by car but there are so many different ways to travel, you’ll never run out of fun ideas to come up with. My family has traveled by car, by boat, by RV and by plane, however, there are so many other ways that we’re bound to add to our travelers bucket list as the years go by. If you’ve ever found yourself driving on a busy highway then you’ve undoubtedly seen one or more of the quaint aluminum coaches attached to the back of a motorists vehicle. They’re called Airstream Travelers and they’ve been around for oh, the last 80 or so years now. People have been making use of the Airstream Traveler trailers for years and with their adorable design and roomy insides it’s no surprise.

Airstream: America’s World Traveler is a book that depicts that rich history surrounding these iconic travelers. Written by Patrick R. Foster, this book centered around the oldest manufacturer of travel coaches and celebrates the 8 decades of since the first model made it’s debut so many years ago in 1936. Within it’s pages there are so many new and exciting things to learn about Airstream and it’s retro silver coaches. The first model of the Airstream Traveler emerged in history just after the Great Depression was ending and of the 400 existing travel trailer manufacturers that were out during that time, only Airstream managed to remain in business.

The first model slept 4 people, carried it’s own water supply, was fully functional with electric lights, and cost an affordable $1,200. It was the ideal way to see the world without the hassle and extra expenses that came with regular travel and staying in hotels.

Airstream: America’s World Traveler is jam packed with 192 pages of beautiful photographs, detailed history and stories. If you’re a lover of history, traveling or a little bit of both or know someone who is then this is a must read book to add to your collection.


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