Stirrup excitement at the Odyssey Cavalia Contest


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Last week I took my 5 year old daughter to see the Odysseo Cavalia show at Southtown in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’d heard about he show and seen a million billboards for it, but was expecting something a little more like a Las Vegas style circus show that was tacky and cheesy. To our pleasant surprise, the show was beautifully choreographed with an impressive stage design and talented performers and I’m not horsing around.

This was a very unique experience and loved being so close to the horses and the set. The performance was very impressive and highly recommend the experience to anyone (children under 5 may have a hard time staying awake later.

IMG_3946 It was an incredible experience and loved every moment of it. We ate dinner at the VIP tent, which I wouldn’t recommend for small children, my daughter ended up eating popcorn for dinner. We attended the media night and were able to periscope and Facebook Live the event. Afterwards we were able to visit the stables and see the horses up close. It looks like the horses are well cared for and are kept dry and clean.We loved seeing all the pretty braids on the horses.  Oddyseo

It was fun to share our experience with you and have another opportunity for you to win tickets!

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4 thoughts on “Stirrup excitement at the Odyssey Cavalia Contest

  1. Love your site! I would love to go to the show with my hubby. We could use a night out!!

  2. I would send my mother-in-law with one of her kids! She LOVES horses and TOTALLY needs to see this show!!

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