How to protect your baby from radiation poisoning


cell phone radiation is harmful to your unborn baby

How to keep your baby safe from cell phone and laptop radiation

When you become parents, whether for the first time or for the last time, it’s instinctual that you’d want to protect them. As parents we warn our children of all the dangers that the world holds. We do our very best to protect them against said dangers but sometimes they have to walk on the wild side in order to appreciate our warnings. Then there are the times when the danger is much closer to home and often times undetected by the untrained eye.

The danger of radiation poisoning

Radiation poisoning is one such danger. For many years now we’ve heard the words radiation poisoning or radiation sickness but have we ever really stopped to learn what it actually is, other than harmful to us and is to be avoided at all costs? Radiation poisoning is an illness and its symptoms that are a result to overexposure to ionizing radiation. It is a very serious illness and should be treated as such.

protect your baby with belly armour

The solution

At Belly Armor their goal is to be a definitive resource for families looking to protect themselves against the harmful effects of everyday radiation. They’ve made it their priority to provide their customers with knowledge to help protect them from the health risks posed by wireless technologies and have designed their products to help reduce exposure. The main mission behind Belly Armor is to make everyday environments healthier, particularly for our children.

When I was given the opportunity to partner with Belly Armor, I just couldn’t say no. Their concerns were the same concerns that I myself have voiced over the years and the opportunity to use a product that would aid in cutting down the risk of radiation was one that I was glad to have received.

The Belly Blanket is made of a combination of the highest quality cotton and the reliable protection of RadiaShield Fabric. Together these fabrics make a blanket that is comfortable and unobtrusive when used to protect your child against the risks of everyday radiation. It’s able to be folded and placed easily within your luggage or purse so it’s easy to transport and is ideal for both at home use or in the office. The fabric the blanket is made of is super soft and is so lightweight that you might even forget your even using it. It’s also available in 5 different designs so you can pick the one that is best suited to your individual tastes!

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