How to Create Fantastic Forts

Fantastic forts

How to Create Fantastic Forts

As children the sky is the limit when it comes to our imagination. There is nothing we can’t become as long as our imaginations are allowed to run wild. When I was a child we didn’t have the many television stations, apps, game consoles, etc. that children today have and relied mainly on outside play and our imaginations to get us through our days. Often times the kids in my neighborhood would come together after school or during the weekends and we’d spend countless hours dreaming up new games to keep us busy.

Creating Forts is Part of Creative Play

One memory that I recall most fondly is the summer my friends and I decided to make a tree fort in the wooded area just beyond my home. We spent the summer gathering any supplies we could and although we never completed the fort, the hours and days that we spent doing our best to work together to build it will always stand out vividly in my mind. For years the half built fort was a fond reminder of the carefree summer we all spent together letting our imaginations run wild. As I continued to grow into my teenage years I often looked back on that summer wistfully and wished I could go back and redo that summer so that our dream might have become a reality.

Teaching Kids how to Make Forts

Now that I’m a parent myself and have a household of little ones I do my best to encourage their imaginations and outside play. In a world where video games and smart phones have all but claimed our children, I’ve made it my mission to help my children reclaim a childhood that I looked back on fondly. In my mind there was no reason why I couldn’t give them the kind of childhood that I was able to enjoy during my growing up years. Playing outside, utilizing their imaginations and engaging in play time rather than parking in front of a television screen was my aim. If I could give them the kind of childhood where they’d rather spend time outside making attempts at putting together forts than holing up inside, I would do it.

Great resource for Fort Making

Fantastic Forts: Inspiration for Wild Hideaways was the perfect book that was suited exactly for my needs. Especially with summer coming up in just a matter of months and school coming to a close, if I wanted to get my kids hooked on outside play now was the time to start. Written by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks, Fantastic Forts uses descriptive text and ample pictures to inspire children to build amazing forts outside. Oh, if I had only had this book growing up, our half attempts at a fort might have been a fully realized dream.

Everything you need to know about building a fully functional fort for your little ones can be found within the pages of Fantastic Forts. As a universal play place to both kids and adults alike, forts can be constructed virtually anywhere and made out of just about anything. As long as the desire to build and the creative juice is flowing, you can make a fort out of just about anything. Fantastic Forts gives you the complete run down about how to make a functioning fort as well as how to waterproof it, furnish it and specific advice on different kinds of forts. Advice on how to construct and care for your fort ranges from Sleep Out Forts, Party Forts, Beach Forts, Nature Detective Forts, Miniature Forts and more.

These authors have taken every child’s fantasy and made them possible. Now that the weather is warming up and outside play is becoming possible again, Fantastic Forts is a wonderful building block if you’re looking to reconnect with your children and give them the childhood outdoors that you had while growing up.

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