Creating Family Travel Traditions

Creating Family Travel Traditions


Raising children that love the outdoors

When I was young…

Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that I’m raising my own kids. This past weekend I was able to meet with my long time friend from Denmark. It was so great to see her as a grown woman, married with children of her own. It made me feel so nostalgic. Growing up family travel become part of our DNA because my grandparents were in Denmark. Seeing my friend again, brought back a log of memories from my childhood and started thinking about some of my favorite places to travel as a family and realize these vacations are what make up my childhood.


Jackson Lake Annual Visit to the Tetons

If you’ve never visited the Tetons, you need to! We used to take an annual trip to the Tetons and I have such fonds memories of my siblings, parents, and I relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Grand Teton National Park is a park in the United States that is located in Wyoming. If there were only a few words to describe this place it would be wonderous, adventurous, and beautiful. Dalton Family 2012 Jackson Hole, WY

A continuing tradition

One thing I love about my life now is continuing those outdoors adventures with our kids. Whether it’s to the Grand Teton National Park or someplace else in Utah, we love it. As many of you know, I have small children, which means they can’t always physically keep up with what’s going on around us. Which is why having a heavy duty stroller is super important. The Burley Solstice Stroller is one that is fun, safe, and so easy to manage. The best part of the Burley Solstice Stroller is that it is a smooth ride. For a family that loves to be out and about and walking over tough terrain, it’s important that the ride is smooth for the younger kids.

We stay in the Tent Cabins in Colter Bay on Jackson Lake. It’s a great place for families to stay because it isn’t very expensive and the kids love it because they can run wild, build forts and catch frogs. We now go each year with my husbands family. The above picture is an old one and we’ve added a couple of kids to the picture since this was taken. We’re now about 30 total! It’s so much fun. The kids love being with their cousins.

Go Adventure Mom has partnered with Burley and their Mother’s of Nature Program. #MoN program helps get more families outdoors. They want to know what family traditions you have with your family. No matter what you remember when you were younger, keep those memories going with your kids. Make like fun, entertaining, and adventurous. I’d love to hear your memories from when you were younger!


To learn more about Mother’s Of Nature and how you can get involved follow the hashtag #MoN on your social channels and connect with Burley:

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