Amaze Your Friends With Weird But True Facts


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Crazy 8 Weird But True

National Geographic and Crazy 8 

Raise your hand if you cannot seem to get enough of Crazy 8! I’m constantly shopping there with my kiddos. I always find great deals on their website and in their stores, which is really nice! One reason we love Crazy 8 is that we can walk in and find the style we love. I know many of my readers also shop at Crazy 8. I have some great news for everyone.

A Match Made in Heaven

Crazy 8 has actually teamed up with National Geographic. Raise your hand again if you get this magazine every month already, we do! Have you ever heard of National Geographic’s “Weird But True” lines? An example from their collection might be “It’s possible for a shark to detect a fish’s heartbeat before it attacks.” These weird but cool saying are already informative enough, but now you can get these “Weird But True” facts to life as an line of T-Shirts for boys and girls ages 6-8! Starting on June 1st, the collection of T-shirts will be available exclusively online at Crazy8.com & will arrive in store on June 3rd!

Tastebud Tee- 140160215
Crazy 8 Weird But True T-shirt “Girls have more taste buds than boys”

Shark Tee- 140155579 Crazy 8 Weird But True T-shirt
Crazy 8 Weird But True T-shirt

Weird But True

Astronaut Tee- 140155583 Butterfly Tee- 140160216 Crazy 8 Weird But True T-shirt gift card Dinosaur Tee- 140155580 Crazy 8 Weird But True T-shirt coupon Gorilla Tee- 140155582 Crazy 8 Weird But True T-shirt Porcupine Tee- 140160214 Crazy 8 Weird But True T-shirt Spider Tee- 140155581

Time to Shop

I don’t know about you, but that is some really exciting stuff. My oldest LOVES these shirts and we had a ball going to pick out which shirts he wants to wear. Sometimes I wish I was a kid because they come out with the coolest things these days. As you can see, there is a wide selection and your child will also have a great time picking out their favorite “Weird But True” shirts from Crazy 8 and National Geographic.

Are you ready to shop? Surprise your kiddo or let them choose their own! Head on over to pick out a favorite “Weird But True” fact or fashion piece.

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Comment back on your favorite WBT T-shirt and to check out Crazy8.com for more crazy gr8 styles! 

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116 thoughts on “Amaze Your Friends With Weird But True Facts

  1. I like the astronauts can whistle on the moon

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  2. Oh those are all so cute! I would love to get the National Geographic™ Shark Tee for our little one. He is so in love with sharks! They really have some cute clothes. We have not shopped there before…have to start!

  3. It’s difficult to choose a favorite, but I really love the “Girls have more Tastebuds than Boys”!

  4. Our favorite is the “Butterflies taste food with their feet” t-shirt.

  5. I like the gorilla but I would have to choose the shark for my son.

  6. My kids would love the “No One Knows what color Dinosaurs were”. They love dinosaurs and enjoy learning about them.

  7. I like the Shark Tank shirt and pull on shorts to go with it.

  8. I love the girls have more taste buds better than boys one and hte cute butterfly one thanks for the chance!

  9. Astronauts can’t whistle on the moon :) These are awesome shirts.

  10. I think my kids would love the gorillas burp when they are happy shirt.

  11. My favorite is “No one knows what color dinosaurs were”, but my son would probably prefer the “Gorillas burp when they are happy” shirt!

  12. My favorite is the dinosaur shirt. My son is fascinated with dinosaurs, and when we watch a special on dinosaurs, he will always ask me things like” How do they know what dinosaurs ate?”, etc. This shirt would be perfect for him.

  13. I like the one that says Gorillas Burp when they are happy. Very interesting.

  14. I like the “a baby porcupine is called a porcupette” shirt. These are so interesting and cute!

  15. I love the Gorillas burp when they’re happy shirt! I love all the interesting but wired facts!

  16. They’re all cute, but I think I like the butterfly tshirt best. I wish it was in boys sizes too though .

  17. They are all great, but I like the one that says Astronauts can’t whistle on the moon.

  18. My daughter loves dinosaurs, so I love the one that says “no one knows what color dinosaurs were!”.

  19. I love the baby porcupine shirt :] There’s a lot of cute items on their site. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. My daughter would really love the butterfly shirt. She studied butterflies at school and then we ordered a kit and watched caterpillars turn into butterflies. She is way into butterflies. :-)

  21. The shark tshirt with the comparison of amount of senses to humans is funny!

  22. My 3 are all animal lovers, so I’ll have to go with the adorable porcupine one. But I like them all — what a great idea for a line :) Thank you!

  23. My favorite t-shirt is the butterflies taste food with their feet shirt.

  24. Awwww the baby porcupine is soooo cute. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  25. I love the gorillas burop shirt – my husband and daughter would both love it.

  26. My daughter likes the butterflies taste with their feet t shirt

  27. My daughter would love the “a baby porcupine is called a porcupette” shirt.

  28. I love the baby porcupine shirt! Too cute!
    mikebelindaconnor at hotmail dot com

  29. I like the one about us not knowing what color dinosaurs were.

  30. My Granddaughter would love the t-shirt Butterflies taste with their feet.

  31. The shark t-shirt is cool! (they really have 8 senses? I gotta look that up!) The astronaut one is good, too. I never heard you can’t whistle in space, that is so weird!

  32. I like the No one knows what color dinosaurs were shirt. Cute! My son is just getting into dinosaurs!

  33. Butterflies taste food with their feet. I love crazy8 for my kids!

  34. My daughter loves space and science so I’m going to say the astronauts can’t whistle on the moon. I had no idea and think all of these are really cute, fun facts.

  35. Butterflies taste food with their feet shrit! That is weird.

  36. The porcupette is just too cute. I never have seen this line before. My son would probably love them all

  37. Because I’m a foodie, I have to go with “Girls Have More Taste Buds Than Boys”. :)

  38. My daughters would love the Baby Porcupine Tee! Since they are huge animal lovers and big fans of National Geographic and Weird but True books, they will flip over these tees!

  39. I actually like the Spiders have Clear Blood shirt…pretty cool!

  40. We love Crazy8 and I always let my daughters pick out a few shirts every season! I’m loving the sparkle pineapple tee!

  41. My daughter would love to have the Butterflies shirt. It is so cute we love to watch ours eat all the milkweed..

  42. I like the “Astronauts Can’t Whistle on the Moon” shirt and my son likes the “Gorillas Burp When They Are Happy” shirt. :-)

  43. “Gorillas burp when they are happy” would more like my son, but I love the astronaut shirt!

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