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It was 2 o’clock in the morning when little feet pitter pattered across the wood floor to hop into our new SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress. We were in the middle of remodeling our master bedroom and the mattress arrived just in time thanks to 3beds.com.


To be honest, we weren’t looking forward to two weeks of sleeping on an air mattress. It’s something that everyone always wants to try and experience. Air mattresses are one of the best to sleep on indoor or even at times when you are camping. Most people think that these air beds are for camping only but people use them indoors all the time. The thought of:

• sleepless nights with our bottoms touching the ground as it gradually deflated

• ending up squished together in the middle

• bouncing around when either moved

• sheets slipping and sliding around

• rolling over onto our hands and knees to get out of bed

These images of lost sleep caused anxiety.

However, this air mattress produced in cooperation with 3beds.com was a pleasant surprise from day one and here’s why:

Comfort and Support of a Traditional Mattress

The bed stayed flat and firm and we stayed asleep – even when the other person moved around.

This was because instead of a big air filled mattress, this one has ComfortCoil Technology where 40 top air coils inflated and provided stable support for both sleepers.

In addition, the mattress is fortunately quite durable and puncture resistant. We found our kids jumping off the couch onto the mattress with their friends.

Although I certainly wouldn’t recommend kids jump on it, I was impressed by it’s ability to have survived and not punctured.


True Queen Size

We were able to “make the bed” with our regular queen-sized sheets. The velvety top and ridge all the way around the mattress held our pillows and bedding in place. They didn’t slip around like our other air mattresses.

The raised double height allowed us to get out of the bed easily. We simply placed our legs over the side to stand up.

Built-in Pump

In the past, we’d need to charge a battery by plugging it into the wall for a full 12 hours before we could inflate our mattress. And when we had to refill our sagging mattress with air, we’d forget to recharge the battery and have to wait.


I love, love, love this air mattress for the sake of it’s easy inflating and deflating capabilities. The EZ pump is a one-click inflation and deflation mechanism.

To inflate, simply plug it into the outlet and watch it inflate under 4 minutes.

Firmness can be adjusted while laying on the mattress without the threat of air escaping. I noticed no sagging and loss of air pressure.


And when it’s time to pack up it automatically deflates ALL THE AIR with the click of a button. No more pushing, rolling and squeezing the air out of the mattress before folding it up for storage.

The cord is neatly stored inside a compartment in the mattress.


Waterproof Top

Seriously a wonderful perk if you have young kids. The extra thick, durable waterproof flocked top makes for easy clean up for bed wetters. I know, because when our kid hopped into bed with us, we woke up with a wet kid. I didn’t even know this feature existed until I checked how to clean the mattress. It was so easy!

Indoor Use Only

I was sad to learn that I couldn’t take this amazing air mattress on my outdoor camping trips.  The unit has an internal motor which can only be powered with a wall outlet. No external motors or battery operated motors can be used to inflate the mattress.

Also, the mattress thickness is designed for a clean, flat indoor surface and is not meant to withstand punctures from rocks and sticks.

Customer Service

I haven’t had to use it, but I’ve read about amazing customer service through reviews. They’ve been extremely responsive and helpful.

Most air mattresses provide little to no service when one buys an air mattress, it’s usually up to you to figure out problems or concerns.

With our little kid snuggled next to us in bed, it was hard to believe we were sleeping on an air mattress.


The SoundAsleep Dream series air mattress is designed to be a very durable mattress. While the real purpose of any air mattress is for a temporary basis, closer to a couple of times a week or month, this mattress provided us with continued excellent comfort for 3 weeks straight.

Disclaimer: Although I was given this air mattress to review, every opinion, recommendation and story is entirely my own. 

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