12 Insider Tips For Families Visiting Heber Valley 

12 Insider Tips For Families Visiting Heber Valley 

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We packed up the kids for Spring Break and headed up Parley’s Canyon on our way to the Heber Valley.

As always, it had been a crazy day filled with packing and last minute emergencies. (Why aren’t the kids shoes on after I’ve asked a million times?) We were spending 10 days up in Heber Valley while we had some repairs done to our house.

Homestead resort utah

It wasn’t like we were going far, it is only a short 45 minute drive from our home at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon, but it felt like we were going to be far away with all the gear we packed in the back of my mini van: ski gear for 5 people, fly fishing gear, swimsuits, running shoes, 2 person Chariot carrier, hydros, not to mention all snuggle friends, blankets, food and crafts.

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We love going up to the Heber Valley because it is the perfect place to unplug, and there are so many family friendly activities to do.

I was still feeling a bit frenzied, but right as we drove over the summit, by Jordanelle Reservoir, we catch a glimpse of the Heber Valley. As we take the turnoff into the Heber Valley, I pull the car over. Simply to marvel at the majesty of the snow topped mountains over the green rolling hills.

Homestead resort utah Even though we have been coming up to Midway and Heber all my life, the view makes me stop in my tracks. My family loves Heber Valley so much that both my sister and parents have, at one time or another, tried to move up here.

Heber Valley is like going back in time to a place where sheep and cows graze in endless green fields on the foothills of the mountains. It feels like the Swiss Alps. A large settlement of Swiss have settled in the area and Swiss Days are held over Labor Day weekend.

You won’t want to miss these 12 Insider tips for the Heber Valley:


Family Friendly Activities

  1. Heber Valley Creamery in Midway
  2. Soak in the Homestead Crater
  3. Children’s Fishing Pond at Wasatch Mountain State Park, with rods and bait available at the Visitor Center next door (or pack your own!)
  4. Rent bikes and enjoy Midway
  5. Run on the Deer Creek Trail from Soldier Hollow
  6. Take a hike on any of the trails at Wasatch Mountain State Park
  7. Go for a ride on the Heber Valley Railroad


comma butterfly Family Friendly Restaurants

  1. Dairy Keen (the kids can eat in a toy train outdoors or watch the electric toy trains indoors)
  2. Cafe Galleria (My favorite!)
  3. Kneaders Bakery
  4. Filler’Up Coffee Station (with little toy cars the kids can ride on inside)
  5. Cafe Rio


Which of these activities would you do with your family?

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