New Reader Books from National Geographic Kids

One of my greatest accomplishments in my childhood was learning to read. To an outsider, learning to read might not be that big of a deal and it’s regarded as a natural progression of childhood but for me learning to read didn’t come easily. To me, reading was a mountain that I just couldn’t climb and it hindered my grades until about the 3rd grade. While the other kids were excelling in their reading, I was placed in a special class to help me get ahead and on the same level as my classmates. It was upon entering these classes that the lightbulb went on for me and I learned to read. With the help of my teacher I was soon reading circles around my classmates and the days of struggling were just a hazy memory. My teacher at the time was amazing and she made reading fun, so, I continued to progress and went on to read ahead of grade level.

Now that I’m an adult I’m still reading up a storm. As for my children, I’ve taken to working with them outside of school to help them with reading and to make sure they’re “getting it.” Since I know the struggle all too well, I wanted to make sure my little ones had as much help as they could get. So far we’ve enjoyed compiling a list of beloved titles that we read together on a nightly basis and it’s been an experience that has only proven to benefit them on their reading journey. We love to read together and the time spent together has greatly improved their reading skills so far.
While working with National Geographic I was given an opportunity to further help my children with their reading skills by reviewing several of their Reader books. What sets these books apart from others by National Geographic is the fact that they have two sections: one for the little ones to read from and one side for the adults to read from. This allows for young readers to practice their skills by reading aloud from their section while also sharing time with their parent and listening to them read as well. For my review I was sent Follow Me and Day and Night.
Follow Me is a book dedicated to the lives of animal parents and their babies. The included stories tell of the journey these parent and babies take together as they learn about the world they live in. Adults and children can cuddle up with these Reader books and learn together in the new “you read, I read” co-reader format. Follow Me is best suited for ages 2-5 and has a total of 48 wonderfully illustrated photos they can look at while reading with you.
Day and Night is great for young minds that are curious about the way night and day work together. This book perfectly depicts the difference between each time of the day and also introduces your young reader to the animals of each time too. Like Follow Me, Day and Night allows you to partner with your reader in co-reader format. It’s a great option for readers ages 2-5 and has 48 pages of beautiful pictures to look at.
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